Peggy Carter Is Indeed Getting Some Action At This Year’s Comic-Con


atwellYou may remember last week we brought you a story saying that it looked like Hayley Atwell may be involved in a Peggy Carter one-shot in the vein of Item 47 (you can read the original story here). Atwell said that she thought Marvel were putting together a nice little snapshot showing what kind of stuff Peggy is truly capable of doing, and that she hoped that would open the door for more stuff with the character. Well tonight that one-shot has been confirmed in a roundabout way.

We know Peggy Carter will be popping up in Captain: America the Winter Soldier in either a brief cameo or flashback sequence, but it looks like we will indeed be getting a short film possibly bridging the gap between the two films. While a one-shot showing what Peggy was doing in the years after Cap became a popsicle is purely speculation on our part, we do know that a one-shot adventure is coming at this year’s Comic-Con. Tonight on the Iron Man 3 red carpet Louis D’Esposito, a Marvel Executive Producer and short director, spilled the beans. If you watch the recording of the event, it comes around the one hour and eighteen minute mark. When asked about Marvel bringing in more strong female characters in their films, D’Esposito said that he directed two Marvel shorts featuring some very strong women. The first one was The Avenger‘s Item 47, and he stated the second one is a secret project he can’t say anything about other than it will appear at Comic-Con. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to connect those dots. Atwell threw the ball up and D’Esposito slammed it down. A Peggy Carter one-shot is definitely a go and it will debut during a Marvel panel at Comic-Con. While it was a safe bet to begin with, it’s confirmed now.  What do you think the Peggy short will be about? Do you hope this opens the door for more Peggy Carter adventures in and around WWII?

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