Paul Rudd Still An ANT-MAN Contender And Mark Ruffalo Has His AVENGERS Script


hulk ant manBig things have been happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe lately. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is being edited and tidied up now, James Gunn is hard at work in post for Guardians of the Galaxy, and directors Joss Whedon and Edgar Wright are about to start work on Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, respectively. As those two movies get closer to their filming start date, we’re going to start hearing a lot more about them. We already got our 15th or so confirmation about Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson this morning, but now we get another Avengers nugget and a brief casting update on Ant-Man.

We’ll start things out with Ant-Man. The Edgar Wright film is allegedly going to have casting announcements by the end of the year (according to Wright and Kevin Feige), but the trade papers aren’t waiting. The Hollywood Reporter is confirming previous rumors about the frontrunner for Hank Pym, saying Paul Rudd is now the clear top contender. It seems Joseph Gordon-Levitt is out and will undoubtedly have his name attached to about 30 other comic book movies in the near future. Says THR:

While many actors want in on a Marvel Studios project because of the surefire exposure, this one has added cachet since it will be directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). Sources say Paul Rudd is the frontrunner to play Henry Pym, the scientist who can change his size. Now there is a push to find Pym’s 30-ish girlfriend.

So Rudd could be going from Anchorman to Ant-Man. December is right around the corner, so we could hear something official in a few weeks.

On the other side of the coin, it seems Whedon has finished his Age of Ultron script. The Marvel godfather said he was close to finishing his final draft and getting copies out to actors, and it seems that time has finally come. It’s important to remember that Chris Hemsworth said as recently as 4 weeks ago he hadn’t seen a script.Mark Ruffalo took to his Twitter today to reveal he was getting ready to read his freshly arrived copy.

This means scripts are out and all the actors associated with the film will now be bombarded with even more Avengers questions than usual. Hopefully Ruffalo will offer up a script review later tonight if he finishes reading it. What do you think about the Ant-Man and Hulk updates?

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