Paul Dini On The Failed BATMAN BEYOND Movie And How He Said BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Was A Weird Idea Long Ago


beyond bannerBack in 2001/2002 DC animation superstar Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series) and Alan Burnett (Green Lantern: Emerald Knights) were tasked by Warner Bros. to pen a screenplay for a live-action Batman Beyond. Things got serious and Remember the Titans director Boaz Yakin was even attached to polish the script and direct the flick. Warner Bros. then decided they wanted to go in a different direction and shelved the project. In a recent chat with Kevin Smith, Paul Dini talked about that film, his other Batman pitch, and how he told Warner Bros. he wasn’t keen about the idea of Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman.

Smith asked Dini if he ever thought about going back to WB and pitching a cartoon movie. Dini is tied up with Marvel right now, but he still knows a little bit about what’s going on in the DC world. That led into Dini discussing his time pitching live-action movie ideas. The first attempt was Batman Beyond, which would have mixed in the cartoon series with a little Dark Knight and some then current comic ideas. It would have still had old man Bruce mentoring Terry McGinnis in the futuristic suit, but it would have been a fresh take. WB passed on that and said they wanted something about Bruce as Batman.

Dini and company worked on an idea involving Ra’s Al Ghul, which Dini described as a mix of the Son of the Demon storyline and a little of the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. You can hear the entirety of what Dini remembers of it in the video below since it didn’t go past the rough ideas and outline stages. That was passed on as well, but WB offered up an idea of there own. They wanted to know what Dini thought about a Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman movie. Remember, this would be in the early 2000s. Nearly a decade ago they were batting around the idea we’ll see in 2015. Dini wasn’t a fan of the way it was worded:

We were going in talking to various producers, and they said ‘What do you think about Superman vs. Batman?’ I said ‘Well, we did it in an animated film.’ Then they said ‘How about we do Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman?’ I said ‘It’s versus, that’s kind of a problem. Wouldn’t you do a team-up?’ And then ultimately at that point, the ideas just sort of stalled. It came down to the end of whatever year that was, 2001/2002, it got lost in that holiday mess right after Thanksgiving where nobody is talking about anything until after Sundance. By that point when we started talking about it, it was like ‘We’re not going to think about Batman for six months or so. Here’s your money, here’s the rest of what we owe you, goodbye.’

Again, the video below contains the entire conversation, and it’s fascinating stuff. Dini had some great ideas for Batman Beyond and had a unique take on a current Bruce Wayne is Batman film. Things seemed to go in stops and starts, eventually ending with no progress on anything Dini did. It seems Warner Bros. has been set on the idea of having the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader crossing over for some time. What do you think about Dini‘s comments?

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Source : Voices From Krypton