Patton Oswalt Wins The Internet: Plays A Perfect Penguin Then Pitches An Amazingly Insane Star Wars VII Story


oswaltPatton Oswalt is a renaissance man. He’s a comedian, an actor, an occasional comic book writer, and constant scribbler of incomprehensible fan letters to the Deadpool comic. This week the man has taken the internet by storm. The first thing that sent people into hysterics was his portrayal of The Penguin in CollegeHumor‘s new Badman video. If you’re not familiar with Badman, it’s a series of videos that poke fun at Christian Bale‘s Batman voice and the whole Nolan world. The aptly named Oswalt plays Oswald Cobblepot who teams up with Commissioner Gordon to teach Badman about the concept of death.

If that wasn’t enough nerdy and geeky goodness, he then appeared in an amazingly insane outtake from Park & Rec. Oswalt will appear on Thursday’s episode as a citizen who decides to filibuster the city council vote. Oswalt was asked to ramble on for a while as they filmed the scene. He was told to talk about any subject he wanted. What he chose to do ended up being an eight minute pitch for the craziest Star Wars movie you’d ever see. It has Tony Stark, Moon Kinight, Cyclops, Wolverine, Clash of the Titans, a decapitated Chewbacca, Lando and Leia falling in love, and Bobba Fett coming back in a big way. It’s completely insane and pretty funny. You have to see it to believe it. Both videos are below. What do you think? Would you watch Oswalt‘s Star Wars movie?


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