One Of Captain America’s Old Friends Looks A Lot Older In Latest Winter Soldier Set Pic


atwellWe’ve known that Peggy Carter would be appearing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in some capacity, but today we found out how exactly she’ll be showing up. It’s a bit of a shocker to some. Filming continued in Cleveland today and actress Haley Atwell was caught in some surprising makeup in the latest batch of set pics.

We knew that Atwell would be appearing in the highly anticipated sequel, but most of us thought it would be a flashback scene to Cap‘s WWII days. Maybe something along the lines of him thinking back on old times with his pal Bucky, the Howling Comandos, and his main gal Pegg. Now before we see Atwell in the movie like she is below, she may well appear in a flashback scene but she will also be appearing in the present day. Atwell was spotted in aging makeup for a scene that saw visiting a nursing home to see some WWII vets. There appears to be a few tracking dots on her face as well, so there could be some CGI involved to make her look as old as a WWII survivor should look. Atwell has teased that we’ll see Peggy in action at ComicCon this year in a Marvel short, but now we’ll also get to see her past her prime as well. Cap will finally get to see Peggy though. He looked her up in Avengers and some of the deleted scenes to find out  she was still alive. This looks like it will be a scene that punches a lot of people right in the emotions. What do you think about old Peggy? Do you hope she and Steve get some time to go on that date they were planning?


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Source : Cleveland Heights Patch via @Marvel_Freshman