November’s Comic Sales Analysis


all-new-x-men-1-2_02Marvel NOW! is finally upon us, and the industry has spoken.  It’s quite the difference compared to last year.  Hell, it’s quite difference compared to a few months ago.

Since the New 52 launched, DC has owned the top ten each month.  Not completely, but usually taking eight out of ten positions.  With the first month of Marvel NOW! here, it’s not surprising that Marvel took the majority of the top ten positions.  Batman and Justice League were the only two titles to break the top ten for DC.  What was surprising to me was that Uncanny Avengers was in the top ten.  It was released the last week of the month, and sold almost seventy thousand issues.  That’s astonishing.  The only surprise I have with the Marvel books that made the top ten was Deadpool.  It’s a great series, but I wasn’t expecting the first issue to jump so high on the list.

It is not surprising that Marvel made more money, and got more of the market share this month.  With many fans complaining about the $3.99, it’s funny to see only two non $3.99 books in the top ten.  Those two books were Deadpool and Fantastic Four.  It shows that the only people who seem to care about this are the die hard fanboys.  While they may be vocal, they don’t make up the majority of the market

As I look down the list, the same pattern persists.  We have a lot of Marvel NOW! titles, and Death of the Family tie in books.  The books that double shipped saw a steep drop off for #2, but this isn’t surprising.  If the books stay strong, critically at least, we will start to see them come back up again.  The Before Watchmen books aren’t selling nearly as well as they were when they first launched during the summer.  Death of the Family is looking to be a big success for DC.  All the tie in books are getting small boosts thanks to the tie in.  I just read Nightwing #15, and it even gained a boost in quality.

Each month, when DC was on top, I noticed that Marvel was always right behind them.  DC would get the top ten, but the next twenty books would be Marvel books.  This month, we see a much more diverse group.  It seems equal parts DC and Marvel, with a few of the other publishers thrown in.  Masks, for Dynamite Entertainment, sold huge in November. The biggest surprise of all was the My Little Pony cracking the top twenty.  Every comic shop I talked too couldn’t believe how many of those they sold.

The Ultimate line for Marvel is closer to the bottom of the top 100 than I figured they would.  Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and X-Men have been receiving critical acclaim, but that doesn’t seem to be turning into sales.  The Green Lantern wide event, Rise of the Third Army, has done nothing to the sale of that family.  The main title is selling well, but that seems to be it.  Also helps that the new Green Lantern has been the shot in the arm the title has needed.  The Marvel titles that critics have been loving, Hawkeye (Hawkguy) and Daredevil, are holding steady each month.  Marvel has shown too keep titles around if they are selling consistently.

Looking to the future, I’m sure we’ll see Avengers #1 and #2 in the top ten or twenty.  With all the controversy around Dan Slott and Amazing Spider-Man, expect to see #700 be the number one comic for the month.  I chatted with the owner of the comic shop I frequent, and he has had more pre-orders for Superior Spider-Man #1 than for Uncanny Avengers.  He said that Superior has beat out Avengers vs X-Men for most ordered comic for the year for him.

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