Not Everyone Will Survive This Season Of The Walking Dead


walking dead bannerWe are a little over two weeks away from the return of the second half of The Walking Dead’s third season. Things seem to be getting worse for Rick’s group as the raid on Woodbury resulted in them losing Daryl. The crossbow wielding hero was thrown into the zombie arena to face off against his long lost brother Merle.  While we wait to see what happens, Greg Nicotero (co-executive producer and VFX designer) spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the show’s return.

Greg Nicotero said that we know nobody is safe in the show. We already lost Lori and T-Dog this season, and Nicotero says that “We’ll probably end out season minus a castmember or two.” With Rick’s group gearing up for a war with Woodbury, it seems highly likely the blood will be shed during the attack. The VFX guru talked about the upcoming conflict between the two camps:

[The fight] moves around a lot. It’s very possible there might be another attack on Woodbury. The beauty is you’re not confined to one location, even though we spend a lot of our season at Woodbury or the prison. The bottom line is that we’ve established the conflict between the Governor and Rick, and we’ll explore that a lot more in the second half.

Nicotero also revealed that the second half of the season will see the spotlight shown on Andrea (Lori Holden) as she finds out she had the wool pulled over her eyes about the Governor. Holden touched on the environment Andrea finds herself in after the raid:

It’s not so easy; she is in a town where it’s guarded and the Governor has men who have disarmed everybody. Woodbury almost becomes a cage, like its own prison, in the second part of the season. Andrea is going to do anything and everything she can to protect the people she loves.

You can read some more of Holden’s comments about Andrea by clicking here. Andrea has quickly turned into an unlikable character due with how hypnotized she is by the Governor. Maybe she will redeem herself and figure out just how wrong she was. Who do you think will bite the big one? Will part of Andrea’s redemption come about as she dies or are you betting on somebody else?

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Source : Hollywood Reporter