Norman Reedus On Daryl Dixon’s Backstory And How He’d Like To Leave The Show

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Norman Reedus got a few moments to shine in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, but sometime this season there is going to be a full-on Darly-centric episode. The first story this season showed some of the survivors trying to guess what Daryl Dixon did before the apocalypse to no avail, but it sounds like viewers might get to find out the answer to that question.

Speaking with SciFiNow, Reedus teased the episode shining the spotlight on Daryl and whether or not we’ll get to see his backstory. When asked if he knew Daryl‘s pre-apocalypse life, the actor said “I do, but I cant tell you because it might be addressed in an upcoming episode.” The site points out that when a character gets their own episode it’s usually a bad sign. Reedus wouldn’t even say anything if that means this doesn’t bode well for his character. He did talk about his ideal departure from the show though:

If I had my way he would find a dog and then just walk down a road and disappear into the horizon like Mad Max. To be continued, you don’t know what happens. I’m not into the idea of being ripped apart by zombies, I’ve seen that happen quite a bit.

Regardless of what the future holds for Daryl Dixon, Reedus is promising big things for the remained of this season. Last Sunday’s episode really kicked things up a notch, and it sounds like it’s pedal to the metal from here on out. He says “They’re really pushing us to the limits, those storylines are so good and so detailed, like full throttle. They’re crazy well done episodes, well acted, well shot and super well written. They’re my favorite eight so far, I cant wait for people to see them. The beheading of Hershel and killing the Governor were such shockers, but it’s about to get much crazier.” So we’ll have to keep an eye on Daryl and hope he’s not the next casualty added to an already long list of departed. What do you think about Reedus‘ comments? Do you think Daryl will remain untouchable or are his days numbered?


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Source : SciFiNow