Norman Reedus Comments On Daryl And The Mid-Season Finale


As you can tell from the title of the article, there will be some Walking Dead season 3 mid-season finale spoilers. Last chance to back out. Read on at your own risk. The big cliffhanger before the two month break saw the Dixon brothers reuniting, well kind of. The two were thrown into the zombie thunderdome by the one-eyed Governor. Daryl was caught as a spy and Merle was accused of being a traitor. As the match was about to start, we got credits. In a recent interview with GQ Norman Reedus spoke on being a fan favorite and the brotherly love cliffhanger.

Saying Daryl Dixon is a fan favorite would be a little bit of an understatement. You can check Twitter or search Walking Dead memes on Google and find that the majority are about the crossbow wielding southerner. With nobody being safe this season, many kept everything crossed that Reedus would make it to the end. Reedus commented on his status among fans and how they try to keep him alive:

I talked to [showrunner and executive producer] Glen Mazzara the other day, and he told me he gets tons of mail that’s like, “Don’t kill Daryl.” He was doing interviews and they asked, “So, you ready for Christmas?” and he’s like, “No, Christmas is going to suck. I’m gonna have hate mail all through the holidays.”

On the finale, Daryl gets taken hostage. That may seem a little unusual considering his status as a tracker and all around badass. The actor commented on how he wanted to play out his capture:

I had that same question, but I guess I was just outnumbered. I wanted them to put some bruises and blood on my face so it didn’t look like I just gave up. When I was walking with that bag on my head, I tried to play it as scared as possible. I wanted to up the sibling ante a little bit and give Merle this look that said, “Big brother, save me” as much as possible.

He also expanded on how he decided to play the scene where he and his brother Merle (Michael Rooker) came face-to-face after a season of searching for each other.

Merle’s face totally changed when I came out, too. We did some rehearsal and I was playing it a little more defiant, but when I went in that other direction—as sniffly and lost as possible—Merle’s face is completely changed. I love that look that he gives me, like, “Oh fuck, I got us in this situation.”

To read Reedus talking about goofing off on set, working on his character, and comments on his cat and motorcycles, click here. What did you think about the cliffhanger in Sunday night’s episode? Were you surprised Darly got captured or do you think he has a plan?

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Source : GQ