Norman Reedus And Greg Nicotero Talk The Walking Dead: Daryl’s New Role And The New Threat


daryl dixonThe Walking Dead is more popular than ever nowadays. The comic book is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, the third season broke all kinds of viewing records (which it held anyway), and the fourth season is quickly approaching. We’ve seen plenty of teaser pics for the upcoming season, but now we’re starting to hear some details about what’s in store from the show’s cast and crew. Actor Norman Reedus and director/visual effects guru Greg Nicotero touched on what’s coming up this season at last weekend’s Comic-Con.

When we last checked in with Rick and his crew, things were pretty hectic. They had survived an onslaught from Woodbury, picked up some new recruits, and more personally, Daryl was dealing with the devastating loss of his brother Merle. We’ve heard some of the cast tease that Rick will be stepping down from his leadership role so he can tend to his children. He’s got a lot of work to do, I mean Carl has quickly become a problem child. He did shoot a guy in the face for no reason. Reedus and Nicotero talk about the fourth season’s teaser trailer and how it looks like Daryl is in charge of a little strike team:

REEDUS: It’s different, because if things need to be done, Daryl will make sure it’s done. He’ll snap up, and get up, and go. He’s that guy. But he doesn’t want to sit around, look into your eyes, and talk about your feelings. “It’s going to be okay.” He’s not that guy, so it’s not the same thing.

NICOTERO: And Rick’s character…we’ve sort of established the fact that he realizes in this world – the fact that the last time we saw Carl he shot a kid in the face, and that moment of just abject horror where he sees what his son is capable of. He realizes that, “Listen, my responsibility to making sure that in this world, where no rules apply, my children have to grow into human beings that aren’t completely devoid of any emotion or feeling.” So Rick makes a conscious decision that Carl and Judith are of primary importance. So that does give an opportunity for Daryl to take a unique position in the group, and that’s something that definitely gets explored in the first couple episodes of season four.

One of the other big things that will shake up the show this season is a new third threat. The group of survivors have to deal with zombies and humans, but new showrunner Scott Gimple teased a third threat that’s a “force of nature.” Reedus says it’s Sharknado, but Nicotero plays a little more coy. When asked about the new threat:

REEDUS: Sharknado.

NICOTERO: Norman and I are going to vie to do the sequel to Sharknado.

REEDUS: How do I say that without giving it away?

NICOTERO: I can give a little tease to it, because a lot of this came from a conversation that Scott Gimple and I had last year. Because our group survives on the road for such a long time they become so proficient at killing walkers that we felt that the threat of them needs to be ever-present, and the idea that our group could find ourselves in the middle of a situation that they can’t handle. It’s one thing to walk into the prison yard and go “Okay, there’s sixty walkers and we got to kill them, go to the next area and kill them, and then we take over the prison,” whereas it was important for me that we always kept that threat viable. And the writers came up with several devices, even story telling-wise, that take it to the next level. It’s sort of a metamorphosis of what we’ve come to learn in the last three seasons. You’ll find out at the end of the first episode.

REEDUS: And Sharknado.

NICOTERO: Yeah, and then the governor shows up and drop sharks on everybody.

You can read Collider‘s full rundown of the chat with the two men by clicking here. It will be interesting to see what the actual third threat is. Is it something to do with the weather? Could another medical epidemic break out among the survivors? Even something like the flu could absolutely devastate the prison population. What do you think? What about Daryl stepping up in more of a noticeable leadership role?

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Source : Collider