No Surprise: Warner Bros. Are Reportedly Fast-tracking A Man Of Steel Sequel


justice leagueMan of Steel isn’t out until later this week, but Warner Bros. are reportedly already fast-tracking a sequel. This doesn’t come as a big surprise, but a lot of us thought that announcement wouldn’t be made until Monday morning after the box office numbers were reported. I mean what would be a better time to roll out that news than after you announce you’re the #1 movie of the weekend. Deadline has a few details on Warner Bros. possible plans.

Deadline is saying that a sequel has been ordered and Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer will come back to direct and write, respectively. The only thing up in the air is how big of a role Christopher Nolan will have this time. Nolan was a producer and “mentor” for the story, but this next time he may just have a very small producer’s role. Seems WB is happy enough to set Snyder loose on his own. Deadline also says there’s a “Justice League movie with Superman plotted.” That isn’t surprising either. We’ve heard it has been in the works for quite a while, and Snyder has been saying that you can’t do Justice League until you get Superman set up correctly. He was big on doing a Superman sequel before the big team-up.  Henry Cavill even weighed in recently with some of his thoughts. In an interview released today on, Cavill said the words Justice League didn’t really pop up on set:

Not officially. Not like a producer saying, “Oh, by the way, this could lead into “Justice League.” It was always us fanboys or geeks saying, “Oh, I wonder if they’ll make a Justice League out of this,” and what that might involve. It was just people geeking out basically.

He also brought up a few villains. When asked specifically if Brainiac would be who he’d go with next:

I think Brainiac is a great character. [Pauses] I’m not going to answer that because I would need to think about it more seriously to give an official answer in an interview. I think Doomsday is an awesome character as well. There are plenty of awesome characters, but I like the idea of Brainiac because he’s got the city of Kandor in everything, so that’s an exciting prospect — to reintroduce an idea of Krypton back to Earth. And that opens up a whole bunch of new possibilities.

He also revealed that if Bizarro were to ever come up, he’d like to play the part with some prosthetics and a little CGI. So now the world of Superman is wide open. Warner Bros. are undoubtedly using it as the flagship to launch the larger DC Universe. Unless Man of Steel completely bombs at the box office, which is highly unlikely, things are finally moving along with DC movies. Maybe we’re in store for a big announcement during ComicCon. What do you think about the decision? Did you expect sequel news so soon?

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Source : Deadline