No Falcon or War Machine Spin-Offs Planned


550w_comics_general_war_machine_marvelFalcon 2As Marvel Studios juggernaut (see what I did there?) continues to roll on with the highly controversial Iron Man 3, fans are wondering which characters will have a presence in the planned Phase 2 & 3 of the successful studio’s  film universe. With Phase one, we saw numerous crossovers and Easter eggs hinting at upcoming story lines and characters, all leading up to The Avengers, the third highest grossing film in history. However, we’ve been told that Marvel doesn’t plan on having those types of hints and allusions going forward now that most of the characters have been set up.

Don Cheadle, who took over the role of James “War Machine” Rhodes in Iron Man 2, has been very vocal about his willingness to play the character in any way possible, whether that be in Avengers 2, future Iron Man films or even his own, stand-alone film. In the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we’ll see the introduction of one of Cap’s partners in the Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. Both of these characters are fan favorites and placed in the right hands, could probably stand up to a solo film, but it doesn’t sound like that will be happening anytime soon.

While talking to Collider recently, Marvel’s Kevin Feige was asked about the future of these two characters and whether or not anyone was currently working on a story for either of them. Feige replied with a simple “no.” Now, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see more of the characters in future films, or even in their own films, but as it stands now, movies based on War Machine and Falcon aren’t in the cards. No word on whether a Black Widow and/or Hawkeye film is/are still being discussed.

One film that Feige did mention a few days back was Doctor Strange,which is scheduled to release sometime after Ant-Man and Avengers 2. It is definitely possible that Marvel is concentrating on introducing new characters at this time rather than worrying about spin-off films. That and they have their hands full with contract negotiations with their actors!

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Source : Collider