Is Nightwing Going To Appear On Arrow? Executive Producer Says Maybe


nightwingArrow has been adding comic book character after comic book character to its second season. We’ve already gotten Black Canary, Dr. Ivo, the Bronze Tiger, and Brother Blood to name just a few. One character that has been rumored to appear for a while now is someone called Nightwing. You may not have heard of the superhero whose secret identity is Dick Grayson, but people seem to be pretty excited about him possibly popping up on Arrow. Rumors hit a fever pitch when Vampire Diaries actor Steven McQueen started Tweeting a bunch of pictures of him working out in a Nightwing shirt and sending messages to Arrow executive producers talking about his love of the character. Well now one of the executive producers have been asked about McQueen‘s Twitter antics.

In a big interview ahead of tonight’s debut of Barry Allen the cast and crew teased some things that will soon by happening in the show. Toward the end of the chat someone asked Andrew Kreisberg about McQueen‘s Tweets. The actor is confirmed as appearing on the show, though his role is still a secret. When asked if he really would be Nightwing, Kreisberg didn’t confirm or deny when he said:

He definitely picked the right guy to get me interested, because Nightwing’s my favorite. I don’t know. Twitter’s interesting.

The show has to jump through a few hoops so as not to step on the toes of anything that may be coming up in the movies, but there is a chance they could use Dick Grayson. The character is rumored for Batman vs. Superman, and we’re told the movies and TV show won’t cross over, so if they do get to use him we know he won’t be showing up in the movies. Probably. McQueen is still teasing Nightwing on his Twitter and Kreisberg seems to be playing along. We’ll just have to wait and see who the actor ends up playing. What do you think? Would you like to see Arrow and Nightwing fighting side by side?

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