Nicolas Cage Says He’s Done With Ghost Rider: Internet Rejoices


ghost riderThat title may be a little harsh, but a lot of people will certainly be pleased with Nic Cage saying he is done making Ghost Rider movies. The film was made with a budget in the high $40 million range and made around $200 million when it was all said and done. While technically a financial success, the Rotten Tomatoes score of 17% speaks on the films critical success, or lack thereof. Cage was out and about doing press for his upcoming DreamWorks movie The Croods when the inevitable superhero questions were asked.

Cage is a good guy and certainly an entertaining actor, but many aren’t a fan of his version of Johnny Blaze. You can watch the MTV’s video below if you’re in the US, but for our international friends here’s what Cage said. When asked if Ghost Rider 3 was a possibility, Cage didn’t rule out the possibility but he said it wouldn’t be with him: “I would, but I think that ship has sailed on that one because of that misperception. At least with me involved. They might do it again down the road. It would be interesting if they explored a female Ghost Rider, I think. That would be pretty interesting. Personally, with me, I’m done. I done  what I had to do with the part. You never say never, but right now, today, I would say that I’m done.

Cage was happy with the Ghost Rider experience and was quick to defend the second film done by  co-directors Mark Neveldine and Bryan Taylor. He commented on the aforementioned financial success: “Contrary to whatever the perception is, that was an enormously successful movie. We made it for, like, $47 or $48 million dollars, and it approached $200 million. I view that as a success. I think people need to know we did that on a shoestring budget. When you look at it that way you see the enormous talent of Mark Neveldine and Bryan Taylor, that they were able to accomplish that.” So there you have it. What say you?

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Source : MTV