Nick Offerman Auditioned For Which Famous X-MEN Role?


OffermanBack in the early 2000s comic fans were pumped. Fox was going to take a crack at bringing the X-Men to the big screen. Bryan Singer had been tapped to sheppard the franchise to film with a cast that included Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Ian Mckellen as Magneto, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

The film turned out to be a pretty big success, but what if its wasn’t Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? What is if it was say…Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman as Wolverine? Believe it, because according to the actor he auditioned for the role. Said Offerman when asked if he could portray any character within classic mythology or epics which would he choose, “You know actually, I auditioned for Wolverine when Bryan Singer made the first X-Men movie. I went on tape reading for that role. I always felt when I was younger, I could have taken a good crack at Wolverine.” He also mentioned that he would like a shot at doing Ben Grimm/The Thing as well. “I’ve always gravitated toward Ben Grimm, The Thing of the Fantastic Four. The most great superheroes I think too highly of to dishonor them by casting myself in their shoes. I tend to prefer the more modern teams of misfits.,” he explained.

While Jackman has played the role of Wolverine an almost uncountable number of times now, one has to stop and wonder, what would a Nick Offerman Wolverine look like. There is still time for Offerman to make the leap into the comic book movie world like his Parks and Rec co-star Chris Pratt did with Guardians of The Galaxy, but for now it looks like we will just have to admire him for his work as Ron Swanson and on Axe Cop.

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Source : Newsarama