New X-Men Original Graphic Novel NO MORE HUMANS Coming This May


Marvel will be adding a new book to their expanding line of original graphic novels this coming May with X-Men: No More Humans by Mike Carey and artist Salvador Larroca. Unlike some of the previous entries in the original graphic novel (or OGN) series, this one will spin out of an in-continuity story. Carey and Larroca‘s X-Men tale will take place after the events of Battle of the Atom.

USA Today had the details and first preview pages for the new novel. The story’s cast includes past and present Cyclops, past Jean Grey, Beast, Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto, Storm, and Emma Frost. The future son of Mystique and Wolverine, Raze, will be the antagonist. No More Humans does exactly what it says on the cover, tell a story where each and every human disappears from the face of the earth. Said Carey of the novel:

The stakes, for mutants and humans alike, couldn’t be higher. This is a story about who gets to inherit the world and what the cost of that victory might be. There are times in this story when it seems as though there isn’t any right thing to do — and when the different ideals and personalities of the X-Men threaten to split them apart. We really throw them some monstrous, agonizing curveballs. And we see them, finally, finding the core of themselves and responding as the heroes they are.

When Raze starts to cause trouble, he’s going to have a run-in with his mom and dad. It’s not “a warm and cuddly family dynamic” says the writer. The 128-page No More Humans will be released as a hardcover May 7 with a digital code for a copy of the graphic novel and Battle of the Atom #1. You can read a little more from the writer at the source link below. What do you think about an X-Men world without humans? Will you be checking this one out?

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Source : USA Today