New THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR Pics Show Off Wooden Cybermen And The Doctor Entertaining Daleks


doctor who bannerWe are a mere 19 days away from The Time of The Doctor, the Christmas special and the final episode of Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith. We’ve made it through the 50th anniversary celebrations and now the time has come for a bit of sadness. Smith‘s swansong does look to be a real cracker of an adventure though.

Trenzalore is calling and some of The Doctor’s greatest foes are ready to end his life. The Weeping Angels, the Silence, the Daleks, and even the Cybermen are ready to face off against the Last of the Time Lords…though he’s not really that anymore. The Cybermen have even converted a few of their rank to wooden models. Why? Well, what’s the one thing the sonic screwdriver doesn’t work on? Wood! Exactly. It’s a brilliant plan and I’m surprised we’ve not seen a variation of it in the show’s history before now. It also looks like A Good Man Goes To War will get a callback as well as The Eleventh Hour. If I’m not mistaken, those are some Clerics standing behind the mysterious female figure. Is it just me or is The Doctor doing a magic trick in front of some Daleks? You can check out all the Christmas goodies below. Are you ready for The Time of The Doctor?













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Source : BBC America