New Pics From The DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Episode: Trailer Coming Very Soon


doctor whoFour new images from the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, The Day of The Doctor, have been released. The four new pictures show off current Doctor Matt Smith and returning 10th Doctor David Tennant. The second picture shows Tennant‘s Doctor conversing with Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth. The third picture shows Matt Smith looking into the camera while a UNIT scientist sporting a very familiar looking scarf stands in the background.

Along with the new images comes word on when we can expect to see the first official trailer. There was a special 50 years of Doctor Who video released a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t really a trailer for The Day of The Doctor. The BBC have announced that we can expect the first honest to goodness trailer for the special this Saturday. We will of course bring it to you as soon as it hits. Along with the pics and the trailer announcement, the Doctor Who section of the BBC website posted a short Q&A piece with the cast and crew of the episode. Nothing major is revealed, but you can see the entire piece by clicking here. Below are a few comments from our two Doctors and showrunner and episode writer Steven Moffat.

Moffat on the 50th:

I didn’t want this to just be a celebration of 50 years of the past. I wanted it to be a celebration of the mythology of the legend of the Doctor and all that entailed. This should be the first step on the next journey, guaranteeing the 100th anniversary. The story focuses on the most important thing that ever happened to the Doctor. We very rarely do that in Doctor Who as it’s usually about the people the Doctor meets or the companion that travel with him. This time it’s different.

Matt Smith on the 50th:

It’s a thrill to be in the 50th anniversary. I feel very proud to be part of it and it’s a credit to everyone who started the show back in the 60s that it’s come this far. It’s a great format and a great idea.

It was a joy to work with David, Billie and John Hurt. I’ve worked with Billie before and I’d obviously seen all of David’s work, especially as the Doctor. He’s a brilliant actor and a brilliant Doctor. It’s quite strange, I always sort of get that surreal thing of looking and David and thinking, ‘Oh my God, there’s Doctor Who’. And John is acting royalty. Another wonderful Doctor and again, a good bloke. I think looking back over my tenure on this show one of the great privileges has been the quality of actors that you get to work with.

David Tennant on the 50th and his return to Who:

It’s very exciting to be around for the big celebration episode. I think since I left the expectation had been that I’d end up in this special, because there is a precedent for old Doctors coming back for a visit around the anniversary time. I was thrilled because it’s a huge thing for Doctor Who and it’s a huge thing for television in general. So few shows run beyond a few series and 50 years’ worth is quite a legacy, so I’m very honoured to be part of that.

So hopefully that Doctor Who blast will tide you over until the trailer this Saturday. What do you think about the latest batch of quotes and pics from The Day of The Doctor?





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