New Photos From BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Shows A New Way Of Communicating Oracle And A Meeting With Commissioner Gordon


ArkhamknightbannerBatman Arkham: Knight news seems to be trickling out ever since the game was announced a couple of weeks ago. We’ve had a trailer, some photos and character description, all really great stuff. However, there have been a few small reveals that have been kept under lock and key.

One of these reveals is how Batman will be getting in touch with Oracle this go around. In games past he has always just had and ear piece, which I’m sure he will keep, but this go around he will he will have a hologram of her pop up on his gauntlet. This was confirmed via a Spanish magazine scan which contained the image of Batman talking to her.

Rocksteady Studios’ marketing manager Dax Ginn talked a little bit about the new communicating system in a Croatian magazine titled Reboot. “The way that Batman communicates with Oracle is also upgraded and in Arkham Knight he will use holographic communicator. It enable players to see person who is Batman talking to by holographic project it from his gauntlet,” said Ginn.

He also touched on why this will be Rocksteady’s last Batman game. Ginn said that all along they wanted to make a trilogy and keep expanding the world. And that, “Batman Arkham Knight is epic conclusion of a story that began by bringing handcuffed Joker at Arkham Asylum’s doors. With his death and return of Scarecrow we created epic finals which will decide about fate of Gotham City. Adding Batmobile was final part in completing Batman experience which is being built for last 8 years. Arkham Asylum gave you chance to be world’s greatest detective, Arkham City delivered a promise about experience of playing as masked crusader and Arkham Knight is ultimate, complete Batman experience for all of us in Rocksteady and we think that time has come to bring the story to it’s epic climax.”

Sounds like Rocksteady is implying the old “go big or go home” method to this game, and I for one and thrilled with everything I’ve heard so far. The game will be hitting stands in October, so make sure you pre-order your copy today. Check out the new images that show off Batman’s new communication devise as well as him meeting Gordon at the Bat Signal, and check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest on Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Source : Arkhamverse