New Look At MAGNETO’s 70s Costume And Some Words From The DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Cast


x-men days of future past bannerTuesday the first trailer for Days of Future Past was released. While it was largely a character piece showing off mutants old and new, it has already reached close to 11 million views on YouTube. That’s only the officially released one, not counting all the various re-uploads. It’s easy to say that people are looking forward to Bryan Singer’s X-Men inbetweequel. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly featured a new pic of Michael Fassbender in his full Magneto costume as well as a few quotes from Singer and some of the cast.

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive imageThe new issue of EW (via @Nerdy_Geek) had an interesting piece on the upcoming flick. Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Singer had a few comments about the various characters and the film’s tone. Nicholas Hoult talked about the scene in the trailer where Beast is choking out Magneto in a water fountain, saying “There’s bad blood because of everything Erik’s done to Charles. Obviously Hank is on Charles’ side completely.” Xavier and Erik had a falling out in the first film for numerous reason, not the least of which was Charles getting shot in the spine. Singer says that while First Class showed us how they became frenemies, Days of Future Past shows us “how they became Magneto and Professor X.

Part of the journey in this more serious take on the X-Men is getting Charles to hope again. Charles finds himself in a much darker place after the events of First Class. James McAvoy says that when Wolverine comes back to the past to help prevent the horrible future he’s a part of, we see a role reversal between the Professor and Wolverine. Said McAvoy, “Wolverine basically plays the Charles Xavier role in this movie and I kind of play the Wolverine role. I’m really f***ing grumpy and I’m also struggling to figure out who I am.

Two final bits worth mentioning is Patrick Stewart’s Xavier has a hovering chair. Singer said he wanted to do that because it was from the comics and he had never gotten a chance to adapt it into a movie in a logical way. So while the future is all bleak and horrible, Charles does get a pretty sweet new chair. Gives a whole new meaning to Hoveround. And on one of the film’s villains, the creators of the Sentinels Bolivar Trask, Singer kind of backs up Peter Dinklage’s comments that Trask isn’t really being a bad guy for being a bad guy’s sake. The director says of Trask “He’s actually kind of a peace lover. He sees the advent of mutants as a way to unite people. There’s this moment where he basically explains when modern men came along, it meant extinction for the Neanderthal; now humans are the Neanderthal, so this fight is for our survival as a species.” Below you can take a look at Magneto’s full costume. It’s different from the one we saw teased at the end of First Class, but it’s still very much in line with the comics…besides the armored chest piece which looks a little weird, but we’ll have to see it in action to really judge it. What do you think?


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Source : SHH Forums via @Nerdy_Geek