New Info On That Meeting Between Zack Snyder And Frank Miller For Batman Vs. Superman


superman batmanYesterday we brought you the story about Zack Snyder meeting up with Frank Miller to chew the fat and pick each others brain about Superman and Batman (click here to see the original story). Since the original story hit, fanboys and girls across the web have been weighing in on whether or not Snyder should talk to Miller. Some are adamantly against the director talking with the comics scribe who many say has lost his touch over the past several years. Regardless of what side you fall on when it comes to the meeting, passions are running high. Our good friends over at the Man of Steel Fan Page linked to an update on the story from a source who spoke with Snyder about fans’ concerns.

The Superman Homepage were right on top of the Miller story. One of their source took it straight to the director who made a brief comment about the quickly developing brouhaha:

A Superman Homepage source managed to speak to Zack Snyder yesterday, and put to him the concerns of some Superman fans, with Snyder remarking, “It’s too early for me to discuss the film. However, regardless of how I feel about Superman, ultimately I have to go along with the direction that Warner Bros. thinks is best”.

Read that however you will. It does seem like it has a tinge of not wanting to talk about it because he might not be keen on meeting with Miller. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is tension, Snyder and David Goyer may just want to start the sequel with as blank a slate when it comes to following specific source material as they did on Man of Steel. They undoubtedly have their own ideas and notes on what they want to do, but you can easily see why Warner Bros. would want Snyder to meet with The Dark Knight Rises scribe. What do you think about the latest Snyder/Miller development?

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Source : Superman Homepage via Man Of Steel Fan Page Facebook