New Info On The CONSTANTINE Pilot Emerges


ConstantineliveConstantine and Hellblazer fans have been very happy ever since we received the first official shot of Matt Ryan as the blonde, trenchcoat wearing detective of the supernatural. Ryan‘s version of John Constantine looks much closer to his comic book counterpart than the Keanu Reeves movie. With filming on the pilot well underway, those fans are eagerly awaiting any news of what the new series’ story will be. Today a few hints about the pilot have been dropped thanks to Shock Till You Drop, who managed to get their hands on a script.

The site posts 10 interesting tidbits they learned about the pilot episode after reading over the script. They describe the show as a mix between Fox‘s Sleepy Hollow with a dash of The CW‘s Supernatural. The one thing that sets it apart, according to them, is Constantine himself. They run down 10 points of interest. We’ll just pull a few and you can read the rest at the source link:

  • When we first find John, we learn he has voluntarily checked himself into a psychiatric clinic. He’s haunted by an incident in which he lost a 9-year-old girl to a demon who has dragged her soul to hell. This incident has a significant impact on his life and it’s hat is driving him. He checks himself out of the hosptial after six months to find something sinister is afoot in the realm of the supernatural.
  • John’s a clever wise-ass. His business card reads “Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts,” but as he tells his doctor, he should replace “master” with “petty dabbler” because he hates to put on airs. He also doesn’t like to talk much about his past; he masks his emotions with wry humor.
  • Liv Parsons, a young woman who works at a rental car facility, gets caught up in John’s world when she discovers something is after her. Liv’s deceased father, Jasper, knew John and John owes a debt to him.
  • Papa Midnite – an imposing Cuban man who can dream the future – is ailing when we first find him. He’s doing a lot of cocaine because he has to stay awake.

So it appears that Liv Parsons will be the character that gives viewers an ‘in‘ to Constantine‘s world of the strange and otherworldly. The part about Papa Midnite, the reported villain of the entire first season, is definitely different from the comics. There was some debate on whether or not Constantine could smoke a cigarette in the series, so I don’t see how they’ll get away with cocaine (unless it’s implied off screen). You can read the reaming points by clicking the source link below. What do you think about the pilot based on these handful of points? Do you think this will be a more faithful adaptation than what we’ve seen in the past? Constantine could be airing on NBC as early as this fall.

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Source : Shock Till You Drop