New Info And Art For Marvel’s Next Big Event: Infinity By Jonathan Hickman


infinity bannerThe Marvel Universe survived the Age of Ultron, but a bigger (and hopefully more entertaining) threat is about to hit the entire Marvel cosmos in a big way. Scribe Jonathan Hickman will be presenting a giant cosmic event called Infinity when things get rolling around August. Hickman along with Executive Editor Tom Brevoort recently took part in one of Marvel‘s Next Big Thing conference calls to talk a little bit about the Thanos-centric event and what’s in store for earth’s heroes. Infinity will see The Avengers heading off into space to fight an incoming threat to earth. While earth’s mightiest heroes are gone, Thanos uses the opportunity to attack. Why he’s attacking and what he’s looking for remains a mystery. Brevoort would only say “That which Thanos desires…these two arms of the story will intersect and dovetail before the event is over.

The series will be expansive, not only in scope, but the number of books it will entail. The tie-ins are going to be central to the story, especially since the two biggest ones, Avengers and New Avengers, are written by Hickman himself. The story will be presented in Infinity but it will be ‘greatly expanded‘ in the other books. The supplement material in the various tie-in books will unfold in real time with Infinity. Hickman joked about the events saying “It’s possible we solicited a six-issue mini series and are shipping a 16-issue one.” The good thing is that the event will release entirely between August and November with the core series shipping two issues a month during September and October.

Marvel is still holding the story details close to their vest, but they did reveal that characters like Starbrand, Nightmask, Ex Nihilo, and Abyss will take a big part in the action. The Inhumans will also be elevated into a higher position in the Marvel Universe. While we don’t know what Thanos is after, it looks like it’s probably not the Infinity Gems or Infinity Gauntlet. Hickman and Brevoort said Thanos won’t be following the strict quest type stories he’s followed in the past. Hickman added:

This is not the fourth or fifth part of that cycle. While there’s obviously a thematic resonance in that it’s called ‘Infinity,’ that doesn’t have so much to do with the Infinity Gauntlet per se…certainly, the fact that the Infinity Gems when last anyone knew about them were in the hands of the New Avengers who kind of broke them is not something that’s going to be untouched upon in the course of ‘Infinity

You can check out some of the preview pages and various covers that have been released for the series so far. I threw the banner above together by combining those connecting covers you see below. You can click on it and the pictures below to see them in their full-sized glory. What do you think? Will you be checking into Infinity?

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