New Image From Justice League: War Shows Off Green Lantern


BUnpSOACEAAGvILSlowly but surely we are getting our first looks at heroes from the upcoming DC animated movie, Justice League: War. We have seen the likes of Wonder Woman, Batman, and even Darkseid, however new images have been few and far between. The reason these images are significant is because Justice League: War is the first animated movie that features DC characters in their New 52 costumes.

The new image we get today is of Green Lantern. Long gone is the look of just standard spandex. Instead we can look forward to more of an armored look that is accented by glowing green lines on him. Another change for the character isn’t seen on the photo, but rather will be heard when we get the first trailer. Nathan Fillion has been voicing the character recently in DC animated movies, however Justin Kirk will be taking over for the Emerald Crusader this go around.

Plot details haven’t been release for War yet, but we do know that the movie will follow Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justis League Origin book. In the story Darkseid tries to invade Earth which leads to the formation for the Justice League. While all these images have been great expect a trailer for the movie sometime in October. For the latest on all DC animated movie, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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