New Goodies From The Marvel Phase One Box Set: Guardians Of The Galaxy Concept Art, Phase 2 Teaser And More


phase 1Today sees the release of Marvel’s Phase One Blu-ray boxset. The special edition release was delayed after a brief legal battle over the boxset’s box. You may remember the case used was the Tesseract briefcase Nick Fury used in The Avengers, but a German luggage company sued over a copyright claim. All of that has been sorted and the set is finally in people’s hands. Some of the goodies included in the release have found their way online today.

One of the juiciest pieces released was potential concept art for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. unveiled the concept art, which we assume was included on the Phase 2 teaser disc. They weren’t forthcoming about where it came from. The first piece shows off Cap and his old buddy Bucky engaging in fisticuffs. The others are said to be from Guardians, and shows off a definite Star Wars vibe. Cantina scene anyone? The final piece is a video teaser for Phase 2 that Marvel released on their Youtube channel. It’s an edited version of what can be found in the boxset. With it being released today, I expect people uploading full versions of all the videos shortly. Oh! As a final piece of Phase 2 news, it’s being reported today that The Avengers 2 starts filming in the UK in early 2014 with pre-production starting later this year.

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