New GHOST RIDER Series Will Focus On A Teenager From East L.A.


Last night I had a big roundup of all the big Marvel comics announcement from all the various panels held Saturday at New York Comic Con (you can find that here). One thing that was mentioned was a new Ghostrider series from writer Felipe Smith with art from Tradd Moore. There weren’t any story details and it was announced that the story would kick off in March. Well today we’ve learned a little bit about what Smith has in store with the series and how he’ll introduce readers to a brand new Spirit of Vengeance. This one is a high school senior from Los Angeles named Robbie Reyes.

ghostFelipe Smith spoke with the folks at CBR about the new comic. Most of these Comic Con interviews are just gigantic teasers that expand on what has already been teased during the panel. The chat with Smith was a little more informative though. The writer talks about the premise of All-New Ghost Rider:

Our All-New Ghost Rider, as the title suggests, is an absolutely new character: Robbie Reyes. Robbie’s an East Los Angeles high school senior with a short fuse and a passion for electronic music and absolutely anything powered by an engine.

In comparison to previous Ghost Riders, he’s young and inexperienced in life; but his harsh inner city upbringing, overall distrust for most people, and serious contempt for his violent surroundings make him the perfect host for a Spirit of Vengeance.

The circumstances by which Robbie becomes our blazing anti-hero differ from those of his predecessors, and his vehicle of choice is the automobile; so in more than one way, this is the story of a different brand of Ghost Rider.

Smith went on to say that one of the big challenges with the series, besides having a young kid who will probably have a car instead of a motorcycle, is “making Robbie Reyes a Ghost Rider that stands out as more than just a new version and has lasting appeal.” Having a very different Ghost Rider than those that came before Robbie seems to be a good way of doing that. Smith teased that Robbie‘s relationship with the Spirit of Vengeance will be very distinctive as well. But you can’t have a good hero without a good villain. Smith‘s Rider will be facing off against Mr. Smith. The scribe on why Hyde is a good choice for the series’ villain:

hydeHyde is the perfect villain for the story I set out to tell for quite a few reasons, the most significant is that he shares many qualities with our hero, Robbie. They’re both distrustful of most and have bitter sentiments for their peers: in Robbie’s case, his gang-affiliated schoolmates, in Hyde’s case, the number of east coast super villains who’ve double-crossed him endlessly, resulting in his Rykers Island incarceration.

Both Mr. Hyde and Robbie feel disdain for their surroundings (jail, and a violence-prone, gang infested neighborhood, respectively) and have a violent, mean streak; Hyde’s caused by the consumption of a transformation potion, Robbie’s triggered by possession by a demonic spirit. They both hate to lose, and will do anything not to.

Is it odd that the bad guy is so similar to the good guy? Nope! The most formidable rivals tend to be very similar; it is this similarity that makes them worthy opponents. You are your own worst enemy, and who better to battle a homicidal, growth hormone transformation potion-chugging maniac than the dejected, malcontent product of a violent urban environment who’s been possessed by a blood-thirsty satanic spirit? Nobody! [Laughs]

Classic Ghost Rider fans can find some comfort knowing that Johnny Blaze will be appearing in Thunderbolts next year as well. So Robbie Reyes will be the new Ghost Rider. What do you think about the news? Would you like to see Johnny and Robbie come flaming-skull-face to flaming-skull-face?

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Source : CBR