New Covers And Info For MARVEL’s Next Big Event ‘ORIGINAL SIN’


watcher bannerMarvel has wanted to kill Uatu aka The Watcher for a while. The story about the murder of the big, bald peeping Tom of the 616 Universe has been batted around by many writers. Ed Brubaker even teased the character’s death in Marvel‘s 2011 Point One issue. Well The Watcher‘s stay of execution is over and Jason Aaron will be the one to do the deed. Announced a few months ago, Original Sin will be Marvel‘s next big event. A few new covers and some info about the main story consisting of eight-issues have been released by way of a Marvel press call.

watcherThe story will focus on the murder of Uatu and a team consisting of Nick Fury, Captain America, and many other of the 616‘s best and brightest trying to bring the killer to justice. Mark Waid will do a special 0 issue to reintroduce folks to The Watcher, but Thor will come across the body and set things into motion. There’s one big problem with the crime scene though. Said AaronWhen the heroes find The Watcher’s body on the moon, his eyes are gone. The Watcher’s eyes are really the secret to unlocking everything he’s witnessed over the years. Whoever holds one of the eyes is able to explode a bomb full of secrets and unleash all the various secrets of the Marvel Universe into the wild through that eye.” The secrets those eyes have seen get out and then really bad stuff happens. Aaron wouldn’t say what happens, but the information one eye holds happens in issue #2. That will take things to a more personal level and result in the tie-in books according to editor Tom Brevoort:

This is the ultimate NSA leak of the Marvel Universe. [He] knows where all the bodies are buried, including ones that none of our readers know are there.
In addition to the NSA, it’s also the TMZ of the Marvel Universe. These events are much more personal, they’re much more about an individual and their lives and situations and the choices they’ve made; and how the revelation of these things will change their place in the world, their outlook on life — really, everything about them. All the tie-in stories we’re doing here are supremely meaty in a way that perhaps in the past not every tie-in has been.

The secrets will be explored in the tie-in issues while the Original Sin books will focus squarely on the murder. You can read Original Sin without reading the tie-in issues, but you won’t get to see some of the secrets and how it effects our heroes in a way we don’t normally see in these big summer events (like The Mighty Avengers issue announced that looks at the mate and unborn child of The Watcher introduced in Matt Fraction‘s FF). Two big secrets will be picked up in the main story, which the team were willing to divulge. Captain America will learn that somebody close to him has been tampering with his memories. If you read New Avengers, that might possibly give you a hint at what Aaron could be doing. The other one relates to Spider-Man. The wall-crawler will learn that someone else was bitten by the radioactive spider that originally bit Peter Parker. Dan Slott‘s Amazing Spider-Man #1 will look at that shocking development. Breevort teased “It’s a character that cuts back to the very first day in the science lab.

Below you can see covers for Original Sin #1 and #2 from Julian Totino Tedesco. The pieces of Nick Fury and Black Panther are also covers, but they’re from Gabriele Dell’Otto. You can read the full rundown of events by clicking the source link below. What do you think about the new nuggets of information about Original Sin? Will you be checking this one out in May?

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