New Covers And Details For Boom! Studios’ BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA Series


btlc bannerLast week BOOM! Studios revealed that writer Eric Powell and artist Brian Churilla had been tapped as their creative team for a comic book based on John Carpenter‘s cult classic movie, Big Trouble In Little China. Fans were happy to know that a comic was on the way. Many attempts had been made over the year’s since Jack Burton (the legendary Kurt Russell) and the Pork Chop Express rolled across the big screen, but BOOM! were the ones that finally pulled it off. Other than a great teaser and a few details about the creative team (original story here), there wasn’t much revealed about the series. Today we finally learn a little more about the story Powell and Churilla will be presenting.

chinaSpeaking with CBR about how they came aboard the now highly-anticipated series, Powell dropped a few clues about the story. The series is designed as a set of four-issue arcs, but the door is being left open for future installments if things go well. The first issue will pick things up right where the film left off. That ending has driven a lot of people mad considering how that big beast was riding on the back of Jack‘s rig, so it’s nice to possibly be getting some resolution there. We’ll also see Wang Chi and Miao Yin attempting to get married, but mysterious forces continue to try and keep them apart. Powell said of picking things up after the film, “It takes place in 1986. No Jack Burton on the internet with a cell phone crap. Yes — it takes place in 1986 and picks up from the very last shot of the film. The rest I’ll leave a surprise...I had a definite vibe that I wanted to go for when they approached me with it. I really wanted to focus on Jack and the Pork Chop Express. He’s a trucker. He gets around. He’s got some stories to tell.

There will be a few more familiar faces than just Jack, Wang, and Miao Yin. Powell says that Egg plays a major role in his story as well as “a character from the film that I think will surprise some people. We also have a few new characters who pop up and aren’t happy with ol’ Jack.” Fan might be a little leery to hear new characters are being introduced, but Carpenter served as a special consultant on the comic just to make sure things were done right. Powell says of his collaboration with the director:

I was a little nervous, to be honest. I don’t get star struck by people for the most part — but “Escape From New York,” “The Thing,” “Halloween,” “Starman” and so on — he made some of my favorite movies that I grew up on. It was really awesome getting to discuss the book and characters with him in that first meeting. To say we were on the same page with what the book should be would be an understatement.

You can read everything the writer and artist had to say by checking out the full CBR piece right here.Big Trouble In Little China will kick off June 4. You can check out four of the covers for the first issue below. Artists Eric Powell, Joe Quinonns, Chris Weston, and Terry Dodson lend their skills to the introductory issue. What do you think about Jack Burton being back in action? Will you be checking this series out?

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