New Captain America Set Pics Gives Us Our Best Look At The Winter Soldier Yet


winter soldier bannerA whole truckload of new Captain America: The Winter Soldier set pics have hit the web. The new batch gives us our clearest look yet at the subtitular villain and his bionic arm. If for some reason you don’t know the identity of the Winter Soldier, you might want to stop reading and looking at pictures until the movie hits.

All the pictures we’ve seen of the Winter Soldier have had him wearing a mask. The movie looks to keep his identity a secret until, shock and surprise, it’s revealed he is Bucky Barnes. Filming in Cleveland the past few days has been taking place on an overpass. Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Scarlett Johansson, and Sebastian Stan (along with their stand-ins and doubles) were all on hand to film a big action sequence. The Winter Soldier and a few goons attack a car. You can see that some of the heroes are on hand to try and stop the Soldier‘s villainous plot. Steve Rogers has his shield, which is a good thing since he takes a hit that sends him flying. I’ve put the pics of Sebastian Stan first because I know that’s what you’re wanting to see most anyway. The fifth pic with the mask off looks almost exactly like the comic book counterpart. Once his identity is out in the open and Steve knows his buddy isn’t dead, it looks like we’ll be getting the comic book version of the hero turned villain turned hero again that we know and love. What do you think of the new pictures?


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ws 4

winter soldier

winter soldier 2

winter soldier 3

ws 11

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