The New Batmobile Is Done And Ready To Roll

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BatmobilebannerBatmobile mania seems to be sweeping the world of comic books. Maybe not in the books themselves, but in other media. When Ben Affleck was announced as Batman for the upcoming, not officially titled, Batman Vs Superman the Batmobile was quickly confirmed along with him. Add to that the newest Batman Arkham game, Arkham Knight, which will allow players to not only ride in the Batmobile but drive it as well, and the car will be a mainstay for no only comic book fans, but mainstream audiences a like.

506901-150720_135326_batman_superSwitching back to the Batmobile for Batman Vs Superman, it would appear that the vehicle is done. Not only done, but “ready to roll if need be.” This according to Cassandra Salapatas-Metz, Assistant Director of Transportation at Warner Bros Studio. During a Q & A for Meet the Family Speaker Series, Salapatas-Metz was asked if we might see the Batmobiles at Comic Con this year since it’s Batman’s 75th anniversary. Well, I’m not at liberty to say, she said, “But, I think you might have a point there. But I think- let’s put it this way- it’s been spoken of. So always possible. We’re at the ready- us teamsters. We’re ready to roll if need be.” She was then pressed by panel moderator, comedian Jeff Dunham, who said the Batmobile“is finished but no one’s seen it yet.” To which she confirmed, “That is true. It’s all under wraps.”

No one knows when we will see the new Batmobile. People are speculating it could be revealed the sometime as the new suits for the film, however, that is no where near confirmed. Based on traditional wisdom, they will want to release an image before it is used in Detroit for an outside shoot to avoid the first look being a set photo. We will make sure to keep you updated here at Comic Book Therapy, when car is released.


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Source : MOS Fanpage