New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Video Game Character Sheet Spotlights KRAVEN THE HUNTER


kraven bannerLast night a brand new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game hit that showed Kraven the Hunter training the web-slinger how to hone his skills (which you can watch by clicking here). We saw flashes of Kraven in the trailer, but today a new character sheet teasing the iconic hunter’s appearance in the game has been released. It gives us a much clearer look and a little bit of background on one Sergei Kravinoff.

Kotaku had a few new pics from the game, but the Kraven character sheet offers up something completely new for the upcoming video game tie-in hitting every console imaginable this spring. We can see that Kraven doesn’t have the lion heads on his chest like his comic book counterpart, but it’s still a fairly classic and faithful look for the rogue. If nothing else, it shows us what Kraven could look like if he ever appeared on the big screen. While this game does serve as a movie tie-in, it is set in its own continuity so we can’t read anything into Kraven‘s inclusion. With the ever expanding slate of Spider-Man movies like Sinister Six and Sinestro though, there is a slight chance the hunter could be called up to the big leagues in the future. Below the new image you can see a clear pic of the video game’s cover art. What do you think about video game Kraven‘s look?


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Source : Kotaku