DC Comics: The New 52, Week Two – Part One

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Welcome to week two of The New 52 from DC. Last week, I reviewed Justice League #1, which sold out in two days at my local comic shop (Phoenix Comics/@phoenixcomics) and today the 13 new comics DC released sold out in mere hours. The following is part one of my week two reviews. Have fun and keep reading!

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SPOILER ALERT! The following reviews contain pretty big spoilers. There, you’ve been warned.

Batman in Detective Comics #1 – SPOILER ALERT!

The New 52, Batman in Detective Comics, Bob Kane, DC, Comic Canuck, Comic Book TherapyIn the first few panels, I knew I would love this book, and right through to the end, it didn’t let me down. Pitting Batman against his classic foe, The Joker, was a wonderful restart to this series. The writing throughout the Batman narrative is superb; the art is great.

We meet a truly crazy Joker. In true Joker style, we watch him kill another bad guy, while laughing and fighting stark naked. We are also introduced to Commissioner Gordon, who reveals his disdain for the tactics put in place by Gotham’s mayor, who thinks its best to shoot first and ask questions later with respect to Batman. I promise you will not be disappointed with this book. As a hugely impressed Batman fan, I can’t wait to read issue #2.

Written and drawn by Tony Salvador Daniel – Inks Ryan Winn – Colors Tomeu Morey – Lettering Jared K. Fletcher – Cover Tony Salvador Daniel

Superman in Action Comics #1SPOILER ALERT!

The New 52, Superman in Action Comics, DC Comics, Comic Canuck, Comic Book TherapySuperman was one of the first comics I ever read and I am still struggling to get my head around notion that this new Man of Steel is in his early twenties. But the usual suspects are back. Lex Luthor, General Lane, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen make appearances, and so does Clark Kent, albeit briefly.We learn that this Superman dresses in his casual Friday duds, grew up in Smallville, and his best friend is Jimmy Olsen while Lois Lane works for a rival newspaper and is tired of being scooped by Clark Kent. Lex Luthor, meanwhile, seems to be working with the U.S. government to rid the city of Metropolis of this resident alien, Superman. Luthor hasn’t lost his manipulative ways.

Writer Grant Morrison casts Superman as a younger, cockier superhero who throws his weight around where injustice calls for it. Oh and another big spoiler is….haha. Read it for yourself.

Writer Grant Morrison – Penciller Rags MoralesInker Rick Bryant – Colorist Brad Anderson – Letterer Patrick Brosseau – Cover Rags Morales & Brad Anderson

Stormwatch #1 – SPOILER ALERT!

new 52Confession: I have never read the original Stormwatch. But if it was anything like this first issue, then boy, was I missing out. Stormwatch was originally conceived under the old Wildstorm comic group, which DC eventually bought. This book is a kind of amalgam of DC and Wildstorm. Here’s the gist: Stormwatch is a group ruled by a shadow cabinet of the dead that has been protecting the world from alien threats for centuries. Stormwatch members consider themselves above “super-heroes.” Super heroes are amateurs, while Stormwatch folk are the professionals. Three of this team – Jack Hawksmoor, Projectionist and Martian Manhunter – are on a mission in Moscow to recruit Apollo, a super-powered being. The concept is intriguing and certainly has fans. My comic shop sold out in two hours. I suggest you find the issue, fast.

Writer Paul Cornell – Artist Miguel Sepulveda – Colorist Allen Passalaqua – Letterer Rob Leigh – Cover Miguel Sepulveda & Nathan Eyring

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