Nerdy Ink: The Results


A few weeks ago I put up an article entitled “Nerdy Ink” talking about nerds and tattoos, and what my tattoo meant to me. At the same time I asked the nerds that follow me on Twitter, and anyone that read the article to send me in pictures of their nerdy ink and I would feature them here on Comic Book Therapy. I received a handful of e-mails with some of the best art work I have seen, and I send a massive thank you to all who helped me form this follow up article by participating. I hope you folks enjoy the tattoos, I will be putting their Twitter names above the tattoos, and any blurbs they sent me about their specific ink. Once again enjoy, follow these folks, and comment!

This first set of tattoos are from @MalfoyFanGirl:

The Dark Mark from Harry Potter

Lothlorien Leaf from Lord of The Rings

Marvel Comics Iron Man

East India Trading Company from Pirates of the Caribbean

Those are some pretty awesome tattoos, but we are just getting started! These next tattoos come from a gentlemen named John Chihak:

“Punisher skull: This was the very first tattoo I ever got. I had the idea in my head for over a year before I actually had it done. I had read comics growing up, mostly Marvel stuff, like X-Men. But when push came to shove I ended up falling in love with the solidarity and staunch ideals of Frank Castle. He was tough and didn’t take shit from anyone. I respect that. And even though I haven’t read a Punisher title on a regular basis since Garth Ennis stopped writing the MAX series. I still have a fond love for The Punisher and the original logo. Artist name unknown Majestik Tattoo in Tucson, AZ”

“Sin City: My all time favorite full page of artwork in comics. The use of the onomatopoeia in substitute of basic panels is awesome. Plus it’s how I my character Nash would sum up his feelings for his girlfriend Kyle. “Worth killing for…. worth dying for… worth going to hell for. Amen!” Sin City is still one of my favorite graphic novels. Done by Jason Pederson; Majestik Tattoo (at the time) in Tucson, AZ”

“Red Lantern: I got this one after I read the storyline “Rage of the Red Lanterns.” I identify with using anger as a catalyst and a motivational tool. Even though I modified it to look like the Green Lantern logo only red and black, I plan on adding to it with the actual Red Lantern logo in the middle of the bigger logo. Done by David WIlliams; Tattoo Artistry in Tucson, AZ”

Thanks John, and those are his own blurbs too, he took all the work away from me!

This next picture comes from @dreamyeyed it is of @oneeyewilly and his Doctor Doom themed tattoo!

I have to say thanks to both of these folks for participating, and awesome tattoo!

This next set of tattoos come from @bloosusan and she wrote her own blurbs on what the tattoos are, so I’m just going to sit back and allow her to tell you what these mean in her own words.

“The picture is blurry, and the tat is old. I got this one for my 21st birthday. I wanted it since I was in 8th grade. I think sits in the perfect place on my body — my right hip. It can be hidden by a bathing suit and underwear. I like that, because the Rebels spent so much time undercover and underground, hiding from the Empire. They couldn’t be discovered for fear of their lives. My situation was never and will never be that extreme. However, there is something to be said of a nerd growing up in a house of normies. I only started flying that nerd flag recently and have had nothing but Death Star exploding victories ever since. Proving that we should all fight for what we believe in and be who we are… as scary (and cheesy) as that is.”

“Favorite part? That y’all can see the imprint of my sock. P.S. Please don’t judge my feet. Anyway, this is my Tolkien tattoo. In case you can’t read it, it says “not all those who wander are lost”. I was very excited to get this one and it means a lot more to me for the simple reason that I find myself wandering all the time. I have “shiny object syndrome” and take on projects I can’t handle, while simultaneously getting overly obsessed with the next thing and not finishing either. None of that means that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m incredibly self aware and even more capable. I know what I want, but I’m not always 100% on how to get there. I do what the best of us do… try. Sometimes I fail, and I never listen to Yoda. I can do and do not over and over again, but the dos that turn into do nots are called trys. Sorry Yoda, but you’re wrong on this one. I guess one could say that my tats are in direct conflict with one another. I say that makes them much more appropriate for my body.”

Our next entry is from @comixbookgurl who is awesome people all the way around she says:

“My second tattoo ever was the Batman Logo and it is located on my right hip! I have always been a huge Batman fan, so naturally I thought the logo would be a good choice. (I dont have a great picture of it, but I am sending one that you can kinda see it?)”

“My next nerdy tattoo are kitty (kiss) paw prints.  They are form Jim Balents “3 Little Kittens: Purrrfect Weapons.  They are the logo. Check it out here:
This next bit of tattoo awesomeness comes from my friend @bitleftofcenter a good man with immense loyalty to the Irken-Elite
And last but certainly not least is from my friend @amcars if is of her fiancee Adam’s side, I’ll let the picture speak for itself though.
Alright and there you have it folks! I want to thank all of these people and highly recommend you follow each and every one of them on Twitter! I am massively happy with the participation I received here and can not help but show my gratitude.!

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