Neil Gaiman Talks Nightmare In Silver And If Writing Another Doctor Who Episode Is In The Cards


cybermen bannerNeil Gaiman‘s second episode of Doctor Who, Nightmare in Silver, aired last Saturday. The fan-favorite writer set out to make the Cybermen scary again and he certainly accomplished that and then some. Gaiman is a lifelong Doctor Who fan, but it was only last year that he finally got around to writing a story for the show. The Doctor’s Wife pleased even the toughest of critics, so when the news broke that he was taking another stab at writing an episode with the Cybermen, anticipation reached the upper atmosphere. Gaiman spoke about writing his second episode in a new video posted on the BBC Doctor Who site. You can check that out at the bottom.

The writer also touched on the chances of him returning for a third outing. The prolific scribe said that he would like to make a truly terrifying episode because he felt Nightmare in Silver didn’t quite deliver on that front. He wants to make children AND adults hide behind the sofa and wee themselves. Gaiman weighed the pros and cons of coming back:

On the one hand I don’t have time to write Doctor Who. It doesn’t pay very well, but you also have to rewrite it and rewrite it and rewrite it and never get paid, whereas in America you get paid for every rewrite… And there are lots of things including movies, novels, an HBO series that I should be doing…

On the other hand I haven’t done an episode set on Earth yet, and I haven’t created a new monster. And there’s part of me that feels… I haven’t scared anybody yet.

The BBC website used to mark out of ten how scary an episode would be [Fear Factor]. The Doctor’s Wife was probably only a 2, maybe a 3. The Cybermen has a few little scary bits but it’s running at about a 5 or 6. I’d love to a 9. I’d love to do something that sends adults behind the sofa too and makes them wee. Pools of wee.

As an added bonus, here’s Warwick Davis being absolutely charming as he talks about his role in the newest episode. What do you think? Do you hope Gaiman comes back for a third time?
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