Neil Blomkamp Says His HALO Movie Not Happening Was A Great Thing


halo bannerIt’s not every day you hear a director talking about the good things that happened because one of their films didn’t get made. Neil Blomkamp is actually pretty pleased that his live-action adaptation of the mega-successful game HALO didn’t happen. The director, who is a rising star in the sci-fi world, spoke out about the failed adaptation and the good that came out of it.

In a recent chat with Hero Complex (via HitFix) to promote his new film Elysium, the director talked about HALO‘s death. The film would have been Blomkamp‘s first real directorial effort. Peter Jackson recruited the young director back in 2005 to helm the project. A year later everything fell apart due in part to Jackson and Microsoft‘s tight reigns on the property and their dictations on what Blomkamp could and could not do. Fox and Universal Pictures ultimately canned the project and Blomkamp was left out in the cold. Jackson decided that he would help produce and finance an adaptation of Blomkamp‘s small budget sci-fi short, District 9, as a compensation package of sorts. That catapulted Blomkamp into sci-fi super stardom. Blomkamp talks about the good part of HALO‘s failure:

The luck is the fact that Peter and Fran let me make [‘District 9’] out of the ruins that were Halo. What happened out of that was learning to trust my ideas. If ‘Halo’ had come out and succeeded or failed, I wouldn’t have learned that.

district 9Since the release of District 9, Blomkamp has gotten numerous offers to helm big budget blockbusters. He has turned them all down. In more recent months, the director has been on record numerous times saying he’d never take a Star Wars film either. It seems his HALO experiences have left him wanting to do things he has complete control over:

It’s getting to the point now where WME just doesn’t send me stuff anymore [referring to his agency, William Morris Endeavor]. It’s not because I think I’m better than any of that stuff. There are many franchises out there I would love to participate in. The problem is when you agree to do that, you take a lot of the control that you have over your own creative destiny away from yourself.

Blomkamp has said he’d come back to HALO if he had more control, but it seems like Microsoft are content going a different direction. It was announced that the Xbox One would have its own live-action TV series based on the game and Steven Spielberg will serve as the executive producer. The decision was spurred in part due to the success of the live-action webseries HALO: Forward Unto Dawn. There hasn’t been much news on the show in a while, so hopefully we learn more about it in the months leading up to the console’s release. What do you think about Blomkamp‘s comments? Are you happy with a HALO TV show or would you rather see a film?

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Source : HitFix