The Neglected Nemeses: Enchantress & Executioner


626923-xbe26xWith the not-so-surprising success of Thor: The Dark World,  Marvel quickly began work on a third film in the popular series. Craig Kyle and comic writer Christopher Yost were brought in to tackle the script which has been rumored to involve Ragnarök, which Yost has been teasing on Twitter in the past, saying things like “That’d be a great idea.” Now, whether or not that’s actually the plan and which take on the Ragnarök concept they use- the clone or the apocalyptic event- has still yet to be revealed. After the closing credits rolled on Thor: The Dark World, we’ve been left with several lingering questions, most notably, where is Odin, and what will happen now that Loki is on the throne? Obviously, that will all be answered in the third film, but in the mean team, how about we do a little speculation in regards to the events of that third film, shall we? 

There are many fans who feel that the Thor sequel missed a huge opportunity in not introducing Amora The Enchantress and her boy toy Skurge The Executioner. It seemed the natural next step, with Loki having been defeated and looking to rebound. Amora coming in to play to assist the trickster in his dealings seemed almost a shoe-in. But alas, Alan Taylor and his crew went in a much different direction. As I just mentioned, it is rumored that Ragnarök will be the focus of the next film, and I can only hope they are speaking of the end-of-the-world event version and not the short-lived clone, as that just sounds terrible. But more on that later on. I think we can all agree that it’s time the vicious blonde and her powerful sidekick are introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s a somewhat brief run-down on the fearsome duo.

Amora was born in Asgard, along with her sister Lorelei, who recently made an appearance on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She began practicing her magic at a young age, even after her mentor Karnilla was banished. As she grew older, she began to seduce others who were well versed in magic and coerced them into teaching her their secrets. Over time, she became one of the most powerful magic-wielders in Asgard, with much of her focus on charming and mind-controlling others. Her striking beauty only aided her in her ventures. Amora has long been enamored with Thor, so when Odin asked her to rid the God Of Thunder of the distraction known as Jane Foster, she was all too happy to oblige. With the aid of her newly acquired muscle, Skurge The Executioner, she and Loki set out on their task. Skurge succeeds in trapping Jane in another dimension, while Amora attempts to seduce Thor, but he is able to resist the plot and frees Jane by giving his hammer to Skurge. Enchantress is greatly angered by this and, using her magic, begins to turn her aid into a tree.Thor aids the trapped baddie and despite Amora turning Mjolnir into a serpent, Thor sends the pair back to Asgard.

The pair later joins Baron Zemo’s newly assembled Masters of Evil, which had been assembled to battle the Avengers, whom Thor had recently joined. Using her powers of mind-control, she convinces Thor that his team mates are actually the enemy and sets him upon his friends. However, Iron Man is able to rouse him from the spell by reflecting light into his eyes and shocking him awake. Thor then sends the Masters of Evil into a new dimension. Shortly after, the powerful Amora uses a spell to return the team back to Earth, where she recruits Wonder Man and continues the battle. At times, Amora is confronted by another magic-wielder in Scarlet Witch, who has proven to be a serious threat to her.

enchantress_and_executioner_by_spidermanfan2099-d34lgtmThe pair is often inseparable, where you find one, you typically find the other. Most of Skurge’s devotions to Amora stems from his love for her. However, There was a time when Skurge thought Amora had some dealings with Heimdall and Skurge fought on the side of good. These events took place after the events of the Surtur War, in which Amora joined forces with the other deities and heroes of Asgard to battle the world-ending Surtur. Soon after this battle, Thor assembles a group of heroes to descend into Hel to free lost souls in the grasp of Hela. As the group accomplishes their deeds, they require one person to stay behind and hold the bridge Gjallerbru, and thinking that Amora was lost to him, Skurge volunteered himself, giving his life to save the others. Upon hearing this,  Amora is greatly grief-stricken, to everyone’s surprise. 

During the events of Ragnarök, Amora once again fights alongside Thor and the other gods and heroes of AsgardSurtur’s creation of duplicate Mjolnir’s was wreaking havoc on the land, and when Thor ascended to find the source, he is blasted by a lightening bolt from a duplicate hammer being wielded by LokiAmora is slain by this blast and becomes one of Loki’s first victims of the battle. Heimdall falls shortly after. Amora  is seen later on, after being resurrected by Loki, who once again slays her. Instead of returning to Asgard, she sets of to the World Tree, where she attempts to retrieve Skurge from Valhalla. She is thwarted by Thor, Loki and Balder, after they convince her she’d be dishonoring him be bringing him back to life.

So, how do we tie Amora and Skurge into the big picture? With Loki sitting on the throne, posing as Odin, it’d be an easy explanation to have Enchantress assume the role of his “lieutenant” and mange the goings-on of Asgard, with the Executioner serving as her muscle, just as the relationship has been numerous times int he comics. In Loki’s ultimate scheme to control all the realms, he unleashes Ragnarökforcing Asgard and the other realms to assemble and battles the possible end of the world. This would be a grand time to introduce Balder into the mix as wellI’d love to see the portion of Skurge’s history where he gives his love for the greater good as well, which could force Amora to avenge his death and join an assemblage of baddies in Avengers 3Masters of Evil any one? To include this powerful pair may take some finagling, but I think it would be well worth the changes and manipulation that would be needed. It is very likely that the third Thor film will be the last, making room for the newer slate of characters that will be showing up in the next few films. What better way to close it out than with a story like this and with these characters?

Bianca-ManganielloSo who should fill the roles of Amora The Enchantress and her right-hand man, The Executioner? There are a lot of great actresses out there that would do wonders with a role like Amora, such as Charlize Theron, but I have a lesser known actress in mind. During her stint on the hit series SpartacusViva Bianca proved to be one of the stronger characters of the bunch. Her character, Ilithyia, is a heartless, vengeful, cold bitch. She is self-serving and very manipulative. Nearly a dead-ringer for Amora. Bianca is strikingly beautiful and handled the role quite easily. I’d love to see her take on the magical role and know she’d own it. Now, for Skurge, we obviously need someone with size and talent. Joe Manganiello has shown a lot of interest in taking on a comic book role and has auditioned for several of them, including Superman. He’s got the size and the willingness to take on a role like this and I think he’d have a ton of fun with it. Not to mention, seeing to behemoths like Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello duking it out on the big screen would be totally epic.

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