My Dragon*Con 2012 Wrap-Up


Dragon*Con 2012 has come and gone. The costumes have all been packed away and all the goodies bought from the vendors have been put on display (you didn’t take that out of the box did you?!). This year’s Dragon*Con was my first year there, and I had a blast. Here’s a few of my thoughts about the convention and some of the cool stuff I got to do.

Dragon*Con is hands down the best convention I’ve been able to attend. You have 4 or 5 hotels jam-packed with fellow nerds dressed in all form of costume. If you can imagine a show, book, movie, music video or video game I can almost guarantee that you will see somebody wearing that costume. Dragon*Con isn’t all about costumes though, they are just an exciting aspect of the experience. There are celebrities and authors from all walks of fandom there to talk and sign things for fans. Most are genuinely very nice, some put on a good face. There are panels going on every minute of the day. You are going to want to line up pretty early for some of them, but if you get there in a timely fashion you’ll get in more likely than not. I was able to see the Torchwood crew and one of the writers talk about Miracle Day. John Barrowman got a little raunchy, but I would have been disappointed if he didn’t. I saw the Walking Dead cast do a Q&A panel that was utterly hilarious. Steven Yeun (Glenn) seems like a guy I’d like to hang out with. I saw Sylvester McCoy walk amongst the fans and answer questions, well as much as he could since he couldn’t really talk about The Hobbit.

Where else but Dragon*Con can you see the actual Doc Hammer from Venture Brothers waiting in a crowd of cosplayers (including some Monarch henchmen) trying to cross the street? Where can you see Jason Momoa walking in the vendor hall looking at swords? It was an absolute thrill to walk around the few blocks that comprised Dragon*Con and see costumes, celebrities, and amazing panels. I was lucky enough to get a press pass, so I got to talk to some awesome people as well. I met Sylvester McCoy, a hero of mine being as big a Doctor Who fan as I am, and got to talk about stuff he was doing! I got to talk to Jim Starlin about his work! It’s almost mind blowing the things that go on at Dragon*Con. The PG stuff ends around 9pm, keep that in mind.

I can’t stress enough that if you want to go to a convention, you should seriously consider Dragon*Con. It is a packed place, but you can roam relatively free with not a lot of waiting or standing in line if you have a game plan. I understand that this year many things were streamlined and a lot of waiting was cut in half for a lot of things. If you can prepare and plan ahead, you will have a great time. You might want to start thinking about it now. I’ve heard some of the hotels are already getting booked. Do some internet recon of the hotels and guests/panels you’d like to visit and get there early. Final tip: Take a camera, there are tons of photo opportunities and some really great costumes. Just be sure to ask the person before taking the pic.

I want to thank Comic Book Therapy for helping me get things sorted and able to go. Also, a very special thanks to the entire Dragon*Con staff and the media relations department, they couldn’t have been more helpful or any nicer. Finally, I’d  also like to thank my traveling companions at Team TARDIS who brought a TARDIS replica to the convention and put up with me.  If you missed some of our interviews, here are some handy links:

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