Movie Trailers Might Be Shorter And Contain Fewer Spoilers Very Soon


movie theater bannerDo you hate sitting through the long commercials and movie trailers before you can actually watch what you paid to see at the theater? Well apparently NATO does too. No, it’s not that NATO, but the National Association of Theater Owners have put together a list of suggested guidelines for movie studios that they wish to be enacted by October 1st of this year. That means shorter trailers, less spoilers, and fewer displays and posters in the lobby before a movie is released.

NATO, a trade organization that includes more than 31,000 movie screens in the US and 78other countries, released their “in-theater marketing guidelines” for North American theaters to enact. Voluntarily of course. The organization calls for a maximum trailer length for two minutes (down from the normal two minutes and thirty seconds), a marketing push including trailers that can start no sooner than 5 months before a film’s release date, and a four month lead-in for all marketing items like lobby posters and standees.

The organization is trying to encourage studios to not give away so much in trailers and turn their promotions into a Cliff Notes version of the movie. NATO will allow two exemptions per distributor each year in case they have a movie they want to promote more than others. That is if the distributors agree to the guidelines. The suggestion was laid out Monday, and NATO hopes it goes into full effect by October. Since the organization is so large and includes so many exhibitors, studios may want to stay in NATO’s favor. Now this only includes theaters. The rules can still be the same for TV and the internet, but distributors are being asked to trim down for the movie theaters. Since it’s voluntary, it might not even happen. If that would effect things like extended previews, like the recent Captain America: The Winter Soldier preview ahead of Thor: The Dark World, remains to be seen. What do you think? Would you like to see a studio wide two minute trailer mandate?

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Source : via Newsarama