Movie Reboot News: Fantastic Four Locks In Josh Trank But Daredevil Loses Its Director


20th Century Fox isn’t a big presence at Comic Con this year, but they do have some pretty big announcements about two of their comic book properties. Fantastic Four is moving ahead with Josh Trank and Daredevil has lost David Slade.

We pretty much knew that Trank would be working on the Fantastic Four reboot, but now it is official according to Deadline. Josh Trank will direct the reboot which is scheduled to be the next film Fox will work on after The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class sequels. After Chronicle’s success at the box office and with critics, Fox has been throwing offers at Trank to work on another project. He has attached himself to a few, but FF will be the next film he directs.

Deadline also reports that the Daredevil movie has lost David Slade as its director. Fox is scrambling to find a replacement since they have a script they like. Fox also has to race against the clock. The studio will lose the rights to DD if they don’t have a film in production by fall. If they don’t, the rights revert back to Marvel Studios and Disney. Slade had to drop out because he is directing the pilot episode of the Hannibal TV series. Yes, Hannibal Lecter is getting a TV show.

The news about Trank is something we knew, but now it’s just official. Trank should be an excellent fit for Marvel’s first Family and Chronicle was a terrific movie so we have little to worry about for now. We may finally get the FF movie we deserve. The Daredevil news is a mixed bag. If they can find a good director and stick with the script based on Frank Miller’s Born Again run, it may be alright. If they do rush just to get something into production, we could have a mess on our hands. If the rights do revert back Marvel will surely act fast.

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Source : Deadline