Movie Posters For The Last Four Episodes Of Doctor Who Hit: The Doctor’s Greatest Secret Will Be Revealed


The BBC have revealed four new posters for the final episodes of Doctor Who series 7. The titles, in the order they will air, are Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver (the Neil Gaiman episode), and The Name Of The Doctor. That last one is particularly intriguing because the season finale promises to reveal the Doctor‘s greatest secret. I highly doubt it’s going to be his actual name, but it could be something along the lines of why he really stole the TARDIS in the first place. That’s certainly one of his greatest, and longest held, secrets.The episode also teases the return of Alex River Song Kingston.

The TARDIS poster clearly has a M.C. Escher influence. That episode will be entirely set inside the big blue box. Not a whole lot is known about The Crimson horror, so let’s move right along to the Neil Gaiman Cybermen episode. The poster feels very Iron Man-y. The gold splash to the water is worth noting. Way back during the 4th Doctor‘s tenure, we learned that the Cybermen were deathly allergic to gold. Could that play into the story? More importantly, could this be the return of actual honest-to-goodness Mondoosian Cybermen? You can check out the half posters below. The gallery at the bottom is for the full-sized “movie posters.” Click any of those to expand.
journey 2

crimson 2

silver 2

name 1

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Source : BBC via BlogtorWho