The Movie Bat-Suits Ranked: From Nipples To Ears



One of the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming Batman Vs Superman has been the Bat-suit that Ben Affleck would be donning for the film. For months now, we’ve heard rumors of multiple suits, color variations and so much more. One thing that remained consistent was that the suit would likely be black and grey (finally) and that it would be modeled after Jim Lee’s version of the suit. As we know from the the big reveal yesterday, those two key factors are quite prevalent. Naturally, when a new suit is revealed like this, and not just for Batman, comparisons to past suits begin to occur and discussions of which suit is the best surface. Well, guess what? I’ve decided to take a look at the Bat-suits from all the modern films and rank them, from bad to worse.

Each of the suits, starting with Michael Keaton’s in the iconic 1989 Batman to the brand new suit each have their unique looks, colors, symbols and textures. Some of them have worked, while others have failed miserably. Just a quick, note, I’ve decided to keep the list to the modern, and mainstream films, so Adam West’s suit, among others, won’t be included here. However, I must admit, some of the suits from video games, fan-films and even the porn movie, are pretty spectacular. That’s an article for another day. So HERE…WE…GO!

Batman Robin8- Batman & Robin

The first suit on the list, and easily the worst, belongs to a movie that is quite possible one of the worst comic book movies we’ve seen to date in Batman & RobinJoel Schumacher and company tried to do something different and add the two-tone element that many people so desire, but the end result was a complete and total disaster. Most notably are the nipples. Why would you ever do that to a suit? Ever? The logo was an odd choice as well. This is the perfect example of modernization being turned into bastardization. The only thing that’s missing are neon lights. Glad they left those to the Batmobile. I wonder how Mr. Schumacher feels knowing that his contribution to the comic book movie world is Bat-nipples and Bat-credit cards?

Dark Knight Rises7- The Dark Knight Rises

Depending on who you ask, this film is either amazing or a massive let-down. We saw a whole lot of Bruce Wayne and not quite so much of Batman, but what we did see offered a unique suit that, in my opinion, looked more like a motocross suit than a Bat-suit. The numerous joints and various pads are all just a bit much and somewhat distracting. One of my biggest complaints, for most of Nolan’s suits has to do with the cowl(s) and the resemblance to a bowling pin. This isn’t a terrible suit, but there are others that were better executed.

Batman Forever6- Batman Forever

We are back to the world of Joel Schumacher with the next suit on the list. Before I go on, let me just say that I don’t think Val Kilmer made a bad Batman and he gets a lot of flack for his involvement in the film. But looking back at the film, he’s not bad. His Bruce Wayne wasn’t ideal, but his take on the Dark Knight…not too shabby. Back to the suit, some folks didn’t realize, myself included, that this suit actually had nipples on it, they just aren’t as noticeable as “that other suit”. The suit was a nice transition from the previous two suits that Michael Keaton wore, without going too far out of the box. The gold logo is a bit more subtle than the bright yellow as well.  a nice touch.

Dark knight5- The Dark Knight

Despite this being one of better comic book movies to date, the suit has a few faults that are hard overlook. While not as bad as the suit from its sequel, the Dark Knight suit suffers from the motocross look, with far too many joints and padding pieces. Now, I know that Batman needs protective gear, but these two suits are just a bit much. Not many folks realize that the suit had a two-tone scheme to it. The problem was that the scenes were so dark, you never noticed the two colors. Oh, and there’s that bowling pin cowl again.

Batman Returns4- Batman Returns

This is the second time that Michael Keaton donned the suit and there were a few changes that Tim Burton made. Most notable is the Batman logo, which is now probably one of the most recognizable iterations of the symbol. Where this suit fails is that it is neither ground breaking nor boring. It’s just kind of there. Not the best of the bunch, but not the worst either. Aside from the logo, there’s nothing that makes this one stand out.

Batman Begins3- Batman Begins

Of the three Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale flicks, this suit was by far the best. It modernized the idea without going over board with the padding and protective gear. It’s clean and effective, but not overly simple either. Much like the film itself. It was a very effective way to introduce the idea of Batman to a new generation. With the introduction of Lucius Fox, the use of military grade materials and ideas were able to be integrated into the suit. As we know, the duo added and adjusted as the trilogy progressed, but this suit served as a fantastic launching point. Let’s not forget, for the first time in a long while, Batman could actually move his neck.

Batman2- Batman

The one that started them all. Prior to this film, the suit most people were familiar with was Adam West’s blue and grey spandex/nylon…thing (iconic in it’s own way). This rubber suit looked to many like it had jumped right from the pages of a comic book, with the abs and muscles built into it, giving the character the toned and defined look we know from the comics. The yellow logo, with its more Gothic bat-symbol fit perfectly with Burton’s eclectic and unique tone he set up in the film. One of the things keeping this suit from the number one spot is the fact that Keaton could not move his head, making it look very awkward to watch during certain scene. Well…most scenes. Severe over-sight in this nerd’s opinion. The other problem I have is with the overly high ears, which is something that pretty much all the suits from this era suffer from. It’s been reported that entire set pieces had to be rebuilt to accommodate the height of the ears. It looks cool in comics, but on screen, not so much.

Batman Vs Superman1- Batman Vs Superman

I know, I know…maybe I’m caught up in the hype of the newness of the whole thing, but it’s hard to deny how awesome this new design really is. Let’s start at the top with the ears. The lower ears are sleek, modern and still evocative of a bat. The cowl looks to be very simple and clean as well. As for the suit itself, it’s hard to judge what the final color scheme will be due to the monochrome finish of the image, but rumor has it that the black and grey from the comics is there. The texture of the suit is incredible, looking to serve as both a way of deflecting weapons, but also as a way to provide some depth to a suit that could potentially be rather drab.The added abs are there, but not over-done as with previous suits. This, along with the bolstered arms and shoulders gives the impression of a much bigger opponent to those he’s facing. Let’s not forget the utility belt that looks to actually serve as a utility belt. All in all, a very cool take on the suit and likely the best we’ve seen on screen to date. I’d be shocked if it isn’t. Hopefully we’ll get another glimpse at it sooner rather than later.

Well, I’m sure that many will have differing opinions on which suit is best, and as always, feel free to share your opinions below, we’d love to hear from you. And of course, be sure to check back to Comic Book Therapy for all the latest on Batman Vs Superman, which is just about ready to begin filming.

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