More Pages From Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero: Plus A Brief Update On Pacific Rim 2


pacific rimPacific Rim is still about a month away, but fans who have been waiting for the Kaiju vs giant robots movie won’t have to wait that long to learn about the movie’s origins. A graphic novel written by the film’s co-writer Travis Beacham and overseen by Guillermo Del Toro will be released June 18. The comic will give us the film’s backstory, explaining who the characters really are and how the giant robot Jaegars were made. Beacham has been making the rounds to talk about the comic. While talking about the film’s past, he also talked a little bit about it’s future- Pacific Rim 2.

Beacham explains that the graphic novel will reveal how the things we see in the movie came about, when the first Kaiju attacked, and who the people we’ll get to know are. It checks off most of the boxes on your origin story graphic novel list. While a lot of the film’s cast are accounted for, it sounds like Idris Elba‘s characters (Stacker Pentecost) will be one of the major players in the comic. Speaking with Collider, Beacham discusses whether or not the comic is essential reading before heading into the theater:

I think they’d be missing out, but they wouldn’t know they were missing out. If you go out and see the movie, and you don’t know about the graphic novel, and you’re not aware of the graphic novel, you’re not going to be confused. You’re not going to walk away unsatisfied. You’re going to feel it’s a complete and worthwhile experience. But I definitely feel like the graphic novel adds something to the experience. There are certain character things, especially I think with Idris Elba’s character, that you don’t get in the movie, and having seen them in the movie, certain things that he does, that I think provide a richer context. And I think that can be said for all of the characters and the world in general. I think if you read the graphic novel and walk into the movie, you’re already going to feel like an insider, and you’re going to catch casual references to things that may breeze over the person sitting next to you. It’s definitely designed to be a primer into the world of Pacific Rim.

We’ve heard a few times that Del Toro and company already have ideas for the sequel. Of course that will all depend on how well the first one is received, but they’re working on it regardless. Beacham was asked just how fast a sequel would start moving forward after the movie hits:

We’re very actively talking about it. We’ve had several meetings talking about it. That’s sort of a testament to how invested we are in the whole thing. Even before we knew what we were going to do or we saw the reaction to the trailers, we were still fans of the world and talking about what a sequel might look like for a while, and really interested in seeing where the characters will go and what will happen to the universe after the movie.

You can read the rest of the interview with Collider by clicking here. USA Today and ComicBookResources also spoke with the writer. They covered similar ground, but they got to reveal some new pages from the comic too. You can check those out below. It really does put the emphasis on Idris Elba‘s character. Will you be picking up the graphic novel? Are you ready for Pacific Rim?



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