More On Neil Gaiman’s Return To Comics And The Introduction Of Angela Into The Marvel Universe


angelaAbout two months ago Marvel announced that Neil Gaiman would be coming back to comics and he’d be bringing a friend with him. It was revealed that the legendary writer would be bringing Angela, the bounty hunter from Heaven, into the Marvel Universe in the 10th and final issue of Age of Ultron. After the introduction Gaiman will partner up with Bendis to write a few issues of Guardians of the Galaxy where Angela‘s role will be expanded. Now we’re learning a little more about those plans. EW recently revealed the slightly redesigned Angela and today Axel Alonso touched on how the character will be incorporated into the Marvel Universe.

EW rolled out Angela‘s slightly altered look as designed by Joe Quesada a little earlier this week. The avenging angel looks pretty much the same except for the wings on her headgear. That’s been touched up a little, but everything else is pretty well the same. Gaiman, who gained to rights to the character after a legal battle with Todd McFarlane, weighed in on Angela‘s return and how excited he is to see her in print again:

I’m ridiculously proud of Angela: a hunter, a warrior, a take-no-prisoners kick-ass lady angel with whom you would never want to mess. Creating her was fun, writing her early exploits was a delight. It made me sad that her time in comics was cut short, and that people who loved her (including me) thought they’d never see her again. I am happy that, after a long time in the wilderness of non-existence, she has come back to us again. And given what I know about how she’s come back and the role she’s going to be playing in the Marvel universe (not to mention the wonderful Joe Quesada designs) she is, as Stan Lee used to delight in saying, “Back…! And better than EVER!”

Over at CBR today Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor in Cheif, revealed how they’ll be incorporating Angela into the larger universe. While she may have started off in the pages of Spawn, when she arrives it’s going to be as if she has always been a part of Marvel:

The moment we knew we were bringing back Angela at the end of “Age of Ultron,” the pressing question was, “How’s she going to look?” so Joe [Quesada] could get cracking. So we dealt with that quickly. To solve the larger stuff — how she fits into the Marvel Universe — we convened a small group of editors, Joe and Brian Bendis to review Angela’s existing mythology and see how it could map against the Marvel Universe. We had some ideas that we sent to [Angela creator] Neil [Gaiman], who incorporated what he liked, discarded what he didn’t, and put together a rich backstory that shows that Angela has always been here, and a mythology that is fascinating, easy to understand and tethered to the Marvel Universe readers know and love. Angela doesn’t come from another dimension; she’s always been a part of the Marvel Universe.

No one will be able to guess Angela’s mythology. Who she is, how she fits into the Marvel Universe and, indeed, what the term “angel” means will surprise people. That’s part of the genius of what Neil, Brian and the whole Editorial team has cooked up. We’ll peel back the layers of Angela’s origin, backstory and the culture she comes from over time. And there will be plenty of clues the first few times you see her.

You can see her new look in the images below. The first pic is Quesada‘s redesign, but the second is the cover to Guardians of the Galaxy #5 by Sara Pichelli. You can read the full story from EW with some quotes from Quesada by clicking here and Alonso‘s full interview with CBR here. What do you think about Angela being a big part of the Marvel Universe? Are you glad to see Gaiman writing comics again?


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