More Leaked Screen Captures from the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Trailer


x-men days of future past bannerYesterday a leaked screenshot  of Jennifer Lawrence all teary eyed as the mutant Mystique landed online. These shots come from an event that was held in Montreal with director Bryan Singer. Thanks to our friends at SuperHeroMovieNews (@Superhero_News) for getting them first.  These screen caps give us a first look at Storm, Magneto, Iceman, and more. I also matched some of the screen shots with the footage description.

Credit goes to goes to Andrew (@AndrewLuc112) for creating these screen caps. Here’s to hoping that the trailer will leak soon! You can click the images below to expand.

James McAvoy dusting off Cerebro

The older Magento says he must help and when Wolverine asks where he’ll be able to find him, he says something along the lines of “somewhere much darker

Magneto with Iceman
Storm (Halle Berry) with a slightly different haircut posing on some cliffs with thunder in the background
Close up of Beast (Nick Holt) screaming and raging into the camera outside somewhere

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