MOON KNIGHT Struts His Stuff In A Preview Of Warren Ellis’ First Issue


moonThere are several new titles starting up this year as part of Marvel NOW! phase two, but the one that seems to have intrigued folks the most is Warren Ellis‘ new Moon Knight series with artist Declan Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire. Ellis has described the series as a “weird crime” book that shows Marc Spector taking on the type of cases none of New York’s other heroes are interested in investigating. The prolific writer recently spoke with CBR about the new series that will kick off this March. Some of Shalvey and Bellaire‘s amazing artwork was revealed as well.

moon 6Ellis writes the occasional comic and special guest issue for Marvel, but the last few months have seen the fan-favorite writer taking on a lot of different projects for the House of Ideas. Ellis wrote the original graphic novel Avengers: Endless Wartime, he co-wrote several Avengers Assemble issues with Kelly Sue DeConnick, and now he’s working on the Moon Knight monthly. The writer was asked if the new series signaled his return to more long-term comic runs. It doesn’t seem like that’s the case:

I was pretty much done with my end of “Endless Wartime” about a year ago, I think. And I’m wrapping up the script for “Moon Knight” #4 this week. I like to do a gig for Marvel once a year or so, and this fits right in with that. My end of “Avengers Assemble” has been minimal, just doing development and breakdowns for Kel, so it doesn’t really count: that book is still very strongly Kelly Sue, and my part of that is just carpentry.
So it’s not a case of shifting focus. I like to keep my relationship with Marvel alive, and this is this year’s gig. All my Marvel work is finite. I honestly haven’t decided how long I’ll stay on the book yet.

Now Ellis says he won’t be writing the series for a long time, but his comments about doing a yearly project makes it sound like we may only get 12 issues before he feels it’s time for him to move on. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case. Regardless of how long the author may stay, he says he’s got a good grasp on what he wants to do with the character. Ellis says of his approach of unifying all the previous Moon Knight runs with his new series while still going his own direction:

Part of what I do for Marvel is that “Planetary”-like process of scraping back the accumulated barnacles on a property in order to show what excited people about it in the first place. With “Moon Knight,” that was an easy thing: the redemptive arc, the multiple facets of the character, the intervention of ancient gods, and madness. There was one line I came up with that married all that up in a way that made sense to me and provided a sense of forward motion, so I just rolled with it.

You can read everything the author had to say about the series and his artist and colorist by clicking the source link below. Moon Knight may be strutting his stuff in a nice suit and tie in the preview below, but it sounds like the borderline insane hero will be sporting a couple of different looks during his new series. You can check out an extended preview of the first issue below. What do you think about Ellis‘ comments? Will you be picking this one up in March?

Marc Spector is Moon Knight!…Or is he? It’s hard to tell these days, especially when New York’s wildest vigilante protects the street with two-fisted justice and three—that’s right, count ‘em—different personalities! But even with the mystical force of Khonshu fueling his crusade, how does the night’s greatest detective save a city that’s as twisted as he is? The road to victory is going to hurt. A lot. Marvel’s most mind-bending adventure begins NOW as Moon Knight sleuths his way to the rotten core of New York’s most bizarre mysteries!

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