Moffat And Gatiss Already Have Some Ideas For SHERLOCK Series 4 And 5

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moffat and gatissSherlock still has one more episode to go here in the states, but fans are already wanting to know when we’ll see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman back in actions as the world’s greatest crime solving duo. The final episode of this series is rather explosive and sets up some rather interesting things for what will come next. Collider recently got the chance to speak with Steven Moffat about the future of the series, and the showrunner reveals that he and co-creator Mark Gatiss are already batting around ideas.

Moffat starts off by saying they are indeed trying to cut down the gap between series and truly hope that the next one won’t take two years. The writer does say that whatever their intentions are, it all just comes down to scheduling and the script. Cumberbatch and Freeman are two very in-demand actors who have quite a full plate. When the schedules line up, and when Moffat and Gatiss feel they have the best script possible, they’ll get to work. There are some rough ideas in place for series 4 and even series 5 though. Says Moffat:

Yes, we do. It’s really [Season] 4 that we’ve got, but it throws forward to a terrifying [Season] 5. It wasn’t a planned thing. We had just got out of the rain and because we don’t have the lovely big trailers that Benedict and Martin have, we had to go sit in the accountancy department and we just talked about what we could do. We just started having what I think are the best set of ideas we’ve ever had. I think they’re just wild. And when I say ideas, it’s what stories we’ll tackle, what big twists there will be, what gut punches there will be, and what surprises there will be, and I think it’s really exciting.

You may remember Cumberbatch went ahead and confirmed a fourth and fifth seasons on his own before Moffat or the BBC could even start thinking about the future of the show. Everyone is incredibly excited about the show and want to keep doing it, so there’s really no sign of slowing down for the foreseeable future. It’s just everyone is busy so they have to do what they can when they can. Also of note, Moffat shoots down that rather idiotic rumor that the next series would start around Christmastime this year. I don’t know why that started, but it’s nice to get it out of the way. I would imagine we could see a new series in late 2015 at the absolute earliest. What do you think about Moffat‘s little tease? Are you ready for some more Sherlock?


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Source : Collider