Modern Thor Showcased In Esad Ribic’s God Of Thunder Sketchbook


thor banner 2Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic are bringing the thunder with their newly relaunched Marvel NOW! Thor series. The God of Thunder is currently going up against the God Butcher in the first five-issue arc. Three is the magic number in this run as we see Aaron look at a young Thor, the modern day Thor, and a future Thor who is missing some limbs. With issue 3 on sale now, Marvel is giving readers a look at artist Esad Ribic’s sketchbook. We looked at young Thor earlier this week (here), and now we have the modern-day Thor.

Along with the sketches, writer Jason Aaron commented on the designs. On his love of the modern Thor:

Esad’s take on modern-day Thor manages to combine all the different aspects that I love about the character. He’s part super hero, part Viking warrior, part cosmic god. And we’ll see each of those aspects at play in the pages of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER.

The writer also weighed in on the sleeves or no sleeves debate:

Sleeves or no sleeves? Count me in the sleeveless camp. We’ll see Thor sporting both looks in the new series, but for my money, any dude who carries a giant hammer for a living shouldn’t be afraid to show off his arms. I prefer the sleeveless look, but the big guy can still armor up if need be.

You may notice a slightly different helmet as well. Aaron said that the design changes over time depending on his battle. He enjoys the helmet in the sketches because it looks like it could be taken off “in a pinch and used to beat a troll to death.” What do you think of the modern Thor designs?









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Source : MARVEL