Mike Grell And Mark Ryan At Lexington Comic & Toy Con 2012


Mike Grell is the popular creator who has worked on such books as DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes, Warlord, and Green Arrow and Image’s Shaman’s Tears. Mike has put his unique creative stamp on icons like Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Iron Man, Tarzan, James Bond, and perhaps his most famous mainstream title, The Warlord.

Mike Grell is an original. His distinctive blend of masculine heroes, exotic locales, action and adventure is unmistakable. He is, in many ways, a modern day cohort of Mickey Spillane, Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Lester Dent.

Mike Grell and his re imagining of Oliver Queen in the “Longbow Hunters”. Not only is the Mike Grell art fantastic, but he converted him from a pulpy one dimensional superhero with a bunch of trick arrows into an anti-establishment, violent crime fighter that has no qualms about using lethal force to extract some justice. In that one 3 part story, he gave us a person that resonates, because he suffers from the consequences of his decisions. Instead of languishing in despair, he tries to take back control and make it right. After the Eisner Award Longbow Hunters, Mike Grell was given a monthly series that kept the theme of Oliver the man dealing with life instead of Green Arrow the Trick Shot Archer.

Now we see the CW making a Green Arrow TV show and they seem to be using the Mike Grell version, making him struggle like the rest of us, and having his determination and focus being as important a tool as his shooting.


Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan is a multi-talented British actor, singer, writer and director. He is perhaps best known for originating “Nasir” in the cult British TV series: Robin Of Sherwood. Ryan also toured the US with original Monty Python member Eric Idle, performing at Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl.

During 2008 he wrote and produced a musical adaptation of “Wuthering Heights” starring Jenn Korbee, directing the video “Women” for the project. In the fall of 2008 the online publisher, ComicMix, began running “The Pilgrim” written by Ryan and drawn by legendary graphic artist Mike Grell.

He began working on Transformers during filming as the on-set voice of several different robots. This work continued throughout filming and into editing, prior to the actual casting of voice-over talent. He was then cast as the voice of Bumblebee during post-production. He would reprise this role during production of Revenge of the Fallen.

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