Michael Shannon On Zod’s Armor And Its Iron Man Connection


We know that armor and Kryptonian battle suits are going to be a big part of Man of Steel. We’ve gotten several glimpses of Michael Shannon’s General Zod armor in a few stills and the newest trailer. One still looked a little too CGI heavy where Shannon‘s head connected to the suit collar. Now the actor has confirmed that his shiny Kryptonian duds are 100% CGI. This doesn’t come as too big of a shock since we know Superman‘s cape is CGI as well. The news comes via a recent interview Collider posted with the actor.

Some of the first set photos of Shannon showzoded him in a spandex suit with tracking dots, used for CGI, all over him. Shannon touched on that and revealed that he never actually wears the armor during the film. There’s also a slight Iron Man connection when it comes to the actual costume piece:

I never wore the armor. That is a CG outfit, I think I can say that without getting assassinated, yes. Honestly, the armor would be very heavy – like in Iron Man, Downey Jr. doesn’t ever wear armor – Oh, but there is a guy who wears it. I know the guy, the guy who was the Iron Man double, who had to wear that freakin suit was on Man of Steel and he said it was a freakin nightmare, it’s so freakin heavy. They wanted me to have freedom of movement and if I would have actually been wearing a giant metal suit I would have been walking around like this, you know? So every time you see me in that metal suit just close your eyes and imagine me in an Arlequino outfit; green, red, blue, with the little tight around the midsection. Yeah, we all looked like bunch of dorks.

You can read the other snippits from Shannon about his upcoming projects and how he thought the Man of Steel script was “sophisticated” by clicking here. So that confirms what many had thought about the armor. Other than that one odd still, it is a fantastic CGI job. What do you think about Man of Steel’s use of CGI suits and capes?
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Source : Collider