Michael Rooker Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Karen Gillan, And DOCTOR WHO


yondu bannerMichael Rooker has been out and about discussing his role as Yondu in his friend James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. The director and several cast members have taken to Twitter to talk about the fun they’ve had as the last few days of filming winds down. Rooker recently spoke with Digital Spy about his role and what he thinks makes the movie so good.

Rooker is never shy to brag about himself and the people he works with. The actor’s laid back, straight shooting attitude makes for a refreshing departure from the usual fluff responses actors give. While Rooker may be more secretive than most, he does give interesting responses. When asked about what sets the film apart from other superhero films and how it may connect to the other Marvel films:

The specialty is that it has Michael Rooker, Chris Pratt, Dave Batista and Zoe [Saldana] – it’s the cast, my friend. We’re having a great time doing it and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a really sweet deal when it comes out. People are going to love it. There’s so many people guessing and trying to figure out stuff. I can’t really comment on any of that. It’s all away from where I’m at. I get my script, get my role and try to make sense of it and try to make it believable and have fun doing it.

rooker and gillanOne of the only other cast members that has been talking about the highly anticipated flick in any amount of detail is Karen Gillan. The former Doctor Who companion and current owner of a bald head said in an interview earlier this week that everyone in Guardians of the Galaxy was a bad guy. It just happens that some are less bad than others. Rooker doesn’t necessarily agree with that assessment. The actor also revealed that other than the memorable bald head reveal at Comic-Con he didn’t have any interaction with Gillan while filming:

I don’t know if everybody’s a bad guy! Not everybody’s a bad guy, I think Gunn likes to mix it up. In a way her statement is probably correct, but not ‘bad’… there’s variations, there’s grey areas going on there. My guy Yondu is a bit of a cad, so I’m having a really good time playing the role.

I had no scenes with Karen at all – the closest we came was at San Diego Comic-Con when she showed everyone she’d shaved her head. We were sitting together there, so we had the two baldies sitting together!

I guess because they were on the subject of Karen Gillan, and since Digital Spy is a UK based site, they asked Rooker about Gillan‘s former job with Doctor Who. It turns out Rooker is a fan of the show, the classic series more precisely, and would love to make an appearance on the show:

Oh, good god yeah dude, that would be a blast! Yeah I’ve not kept up my viewership of Doctor Who but I do remember the very early Doctor Whos and they’ve progressed quite a ways from when I used to watch it when I was a teenager.

I’d imagine Rooker was a Tom Baker guy. The Fourth Doctor was always a little more rock and roll than the others. Then again Jon Pertwee did do some impressive Venusian aikido. I have to say, with Peter Capaldi being the new Doctor, it would be interesting to see Michael Rooker come aboard for any role in an episode. Capaldi plays a lot of characters that are essentially Rooker in real life. They could definitely butt heads in an incredibly entertaining way. What do you think about Rooker‘s comments?

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Source : Digital Spy